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This time of year presents an incredible opportunity to look back and reflect on the goodness of God. OneRace has been so blessed in the past 2 years to see many believers engage in the conversation on race, culture, and the church. These conversations are crucial as it impacts the credibility and the witness of the church, which are principles of infinite value. Our mission at OneRace is to teach a city to love regardless of color, class, or culture. Our hope is that every tribe, tongue, people, and nation would express the infinite worth of Jesus. (Matthew 28: 19, Revelation 7:9) So in this glorious season of joy and thanksgiving, we want to reflect on God’s kindness toward OneRace in 2019:


  • OneRace “United March” – On January 18, 2019, we kicked the year off with a big celebration. A dear friend to OneRace, Pastor Arthur Breland, inherited a 100-year-old church and it was situated on the corner of Confederate Avenue. Through his prayers and petitioning to the city, the name of the street was officially changed to United Avenue. We gathered 500 believers to stand in solidarity, celebrate, and inaugurate a new beginning for this church and their community.
  • 30 Weekly Prayer Gatherings – Each week throughout the year, the OneRace staff and other prayer partners from the International House of Prayer gathered together to pray for The OneRace Movement and the church at large.
  • 9 Regional Prayer Gatherings – This year we were honored to host 9 Regional Prayer Gatherings across Atlanta and surrounding areas. We know through prayer and our commitment to gospel-centered reconciliation, we will see the spiritual climate in the church shift.
  • 9 Leadership Round Tables – We convened leaders across the city to cast vision for OneRace, lean into the 400-year narrative, and to pray for revival in the city of Atlanta.
  • 400 Leadership Summit – We were honored to have over 400 Pastors and Leaders gathered to Know the Story, Own the Story, and Change the Story. This event was powerful as we witness leaders in various denominations come together to reflect on the 400-year history of race in America, Own that history, and seek to change the narrative for generations to come.
  • 400 Conference – We gathered 500 believers over 2 days to lean into the 400-year anniversary of Africans being heinously abducted and sold into slavery, thus beginning the transatlantic slave trade here on American soil. This Conference was truly transformative as truth-telling is the first step in reconciliation.
  • 21 Day Corporate Fast – Leading up to The Day of Remembrance, hundreds of believers engaged with OneRace to pray and fast for the church at large. During this fast, we believed for rich encounters from the Lord as we leaned into each other’s pain, and wept over the things that break the Father’s heart.
  • Day of remembrance – On August 25, 2019, we had 50 churches and over 50,000 believers gathered in there respective places of worship to lament over racial injustice in America. We asked for forgiveness for the church’s involvement in this terrible history and asked for wisdom to Change the Story for generations to come.


With a grateful heart, we give thanks. Many of you have been a tremendous champion of the OneRace movement and our mission. It is with full hearts that we give thanks to you and to our God for your invaluable support. Further, we honor and give praise to our God. We know that He wants the church to be spotless, adorned in glory for his son Jesus at his return. We count ourselves blessed to be co-laborers with God and with each of you. Be blessed in this most amazing time of year.


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