The OneRace Leadership Creed


We will never stop at integration or settle for toleration. We will strive for RECONCILIATION, made possible by Jesus, who makes us one people under His blood.


We will seek to UNDERSTAND rather than demand to be UNDERSTOOD, committing to coffee shop conversations rather than social media feuds, where we listen, empathize, laugh, and weep.


We will resist the pull of the cancel culture we find ourselves in. We will have GRACE when it comes to RACE. We will choose to believe the truth that Christ is at work in the life and heart of every believer, conforming them to the image of Christ.

Just & Merciful

We will be GOOD SAMARITANS, living by the truth that all are our neighbors, whether they look like us, talk like us, or vote like us. We will advocate, serve, and sacrifice to repair our respective “Jericho Roads.”


We will be PASTORS & LEADERS who lead our congregations to Gospel reconciliation, even when the news and social media aren’t talking about it. We acknowledge that reconciliation is INDISPENSABLE to our spiritual formation.


We will be PASTORS & LEADERS who are not content with homogenous church gatherings and strive to create a Revelation 7 culture where every nation, tribe, tongue, and language is welcomed and embraced. We will allow the ETERNAL HOPE of the Gospel to be the animating force in our pursuit.

Unique & Unified

We will be PASTORS & LEADERS who create environments where our congregation isn’t pressured to become like the majority culture but instead are honored and valued for who they are. We will not limit diversity to skin tone but STRIVE for diversity of culture, ethnicity, class, and thought.


We will be PASTORS & LEADERS who don’t have token minorities on our platforms and teams but rather promote and embrace diverse voices who have true INFLUENCE & AUTHORITY in the Church.


I commit to courageous PEACEMAKING when the truth of the Gospel about ethnicity, race, and reconciliation is challenged, even if such conversations are uncomfortable and/or disruptive. I acknowledge that my allegiance is not to this world or my political affiliation but to Christ and His eternal Kingdom.

Gospel-Centered Reconciliation

We will labor & fast & pray & give & vote & march & raise our voices to Heaven, to celebrate that we are ALL fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God and instilled with immense, eternal value by the Good Father who gave His perfect Son. Not shrinking back from controversy. Not saying things to get likes and follows. We will do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God. We do this because the answer to a divided nation is a UNITED CHURCH.

If not us, who? If not now, when? We will do all this until His Kingdom comes or until He calls us home. In Jesus’ name, AMEN!

By signing this creed, I am committing to embody and employ the aforementioned values in my leadership ethos and practice. By taking the creed, I am agreeing to:

  1. Preach on Gospel-Centered Reconciliation and cultivate opportunities for those who follow my leadership to be spiritually formed. 
  2. Partner with Gospel-centered reconciliation and justice-oriented initiatives to advance the Kingdom mission. 
  3.  Protect those who follow my leadership from political and cultural presuppositions. I commit to allowing other leaders with diverse perspectives to speak and invest in my leadership and spiritual formation practices.
  4. Practice community in order to be built up in my most holy faith and safeguarded against loneliness and isolation. 

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