Know. Own. Change: Journeying Towards God’s Heart for Reconciliation

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Know. Own. Change. invites believers on a journey toward gospel centered reconciliation. Through employing a transformation model, Josh and Hazen help believers journey toward Knowing, Owning, and Changing the story for the next generation.


We must examine the story of our past and present to understand how the racial situation was created and how the Church was complicit in its creation. We too must know the story of other image bears and how they were/are affected by this racial narrative. The first step on the journey is Knowing the Story.



Dr. King stated, “ We may have all come on different ships, but we are in the same boat now.” Regardless if we created or contributed to the racial problem in the American Church, we as believers are responsible. Therefore, we have a part to play. Through prayer, confession, repentance, lament and forgiveness believers can lock arms with the kingdom of God to see reconciliation come to Church.


Through His obedience to calvary, Jesus invites believers to be reconcilers. A part of this invitation involves healing and repairing the damage that racism has wrought. Through acts of mercy and justice, believers can build a bridge of hope and change the story for the next generation.


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OneRace Movement invites believers on a journey toward gospel-centered reconciliation. By employing the transformational model, this resource will help believers journey toward knowing, owning, and changing the story for the next generation.

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