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The OneRace Juneteenth Gathering is a celebration and worship event.

What is OneRace Movement?

OneRace is a gospel-centered reconciliation movement that exists to displace historic racism through prayer, relationship, equipping, mercy & justice.

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“But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!”

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Words from our friends

Karen Loritts

I participated in the One Race Movement Racial Reconciliation course 101 and 201. I am convinced these courses should be mandatory curriculums in all educational systems, public and private. As an African American woman my earnest prayer is that the conversation be elevated beyond verbiage but to heart transformation. ORM is poised to widen its reach beyond the pews, court houses, school and work desks to the kitchen tables, parks, playgrounds and even on athletic fields. They have a clear assignment from the LORD.

Justin Giboney

OneRace is encouraging the Church to have a much needed conversation about race. It's a conversation that's honest and tough, but also aspirational and Gospel-centered. With its prayer-oriented framework, the organization has brought thousands of Christians together to face our divisions and map out a path toward conciliation. I'm thankful for OneRace's work and witness.

Bryan ApinisNorthpoint Church: Intersect

Reconciliation is gospel work. OneRace calls us to that in Racial Reconciliation 101. Through thoughtful communicators, rich content, and substantive conversations you and your classmates will grow in your understanding of what it means to know, own and change the story. I know I did. The course encouraged and equipped me for the good and hard work to be done in and around me.

Oshebar HardmanAnd Campaign

Let me just start out by saying thank you to you and the OneRace team for putting on an excellent event. The Jesus+Justice event was spectacular and our team really enjoyed themselves. Thank you for the hospitality rendered to us throughout the entire time at Piedmont park. Everything was well coordinated and it showed that you all were meticulous in your planning. We also are so appreciative to the gracious and generous contribution made to the organization. It is through your generosity that we are able to continue our organizational and ministry endeavors. Please let us know any time there is an opportunity to further partner with OneRace. Thanks Again.

Schelli CronkTransform Minnesota

The Southern Justice Experience is a life changing, eye opening and critical part of this process for me. The truth is that there is a battle against remembering the past correctly. And the past is ugly. And there are a lot of us that will be much more comfortable if we do not have to look at it or talk about it. But until we own our part in that and journey into that lament, confession, repentance and Holy forgiveness…we will not heal as people, we will not heal as brothers and sisters in Christ and we definitely will not heal as a country.