Southern JusticeExperience

Join us Jan. 20th – 21st, 2022

The Southern Justice Experience is a 2-day journey designed to engage pastors and business leaders in the OneRace transformational model.

The Southern Justice Experience

We are inviting pastors and leaders on a trip to facilitate intimate times of fellowship, prayer, and equipping. Our goal is to help participants experience the weightiness of America's racial history. We hope that this experience will help others to know the story, and in turn own and change the story for generations to come.

Our objectives are to:

  • Know the story of Americas racial history

  • Know the story of the American Church

  • Foster an environment where learning, healing, and building is possible

  • Encourage conversation and relationship building w/ other like hearted leaders

  • Facilitate times of worship, prayer, and sharing

  • Invite leaders to be apart of changing the story for the next generation

Lodging will be at the Embassy Suites in downtown Montgomery.  

Our trip will include:

  • 16th Street Baptist Church: The location of the 1963 bombing killing 4 little girls and injuring dozens more. 
  • Birmingham Center for Civil and Human Rights: Where we will visit Dr. King’s jail cell and read a portion of “Letter From a Birmingham Jail” as a group. 
  • The Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, AL reflecting on “Bloody Sunday.”
  • National Peace and Justice Memorial and Legacy Museum

What’s Included


We will be spending one night at Embassy Suites in Downtown Montgomery.

Travel Accommodations 

We will travel to our destination aboard a luxury chartered coach. This coach will consist of pod style seating, which will encourage conversation and relationship building, and will have a restroom aboard for convenience


8:00 am
Breakfast served upon arrival

11:30 am
Arrive in Birmingham
16th Street Baptist Church

12:00 pm
Birmingham Civil Rights Museum

Depart for Selma, AL

3:00 pm
Edmund Pettus Bridge

5:00 pm
Hotel Check In

7:00 pm


National Memorial for Peace and Justice

2:00 pm

Arrive in Atlanta

What You Need to Know. . .

Who is invited?

Pastors and Leaders.

What's the cost?


Are meals included?

Yes. All meals are included.

Are there scholarships available?

Yes. We will offer 50% off on a needs basis, using the code: sje50