Pastors’ Groups

What are Pastors’ Groups?

OneRace Pastors’ Groups is an effort to champion Gospel-centered reconciliation in the Church by partnering with pastors to journey toward oneness in the Church.

We believe that through collaboration, prayer, cultivating authentic relationships, critical conversations, and a renewed commitment to mercy & justice, we can make a lasting impact on the Church in America.

Together, we can change the story for future generations.

The Road Map

Participant Commitment

Commit to the 9-month journey from August 2023 – April 2024 (6 Sessions and 3 Events).

Build authentic peer-to-peer relationships.

Engage meaningfully with group, materials, and efforts.

Must be a pastor to participate.

To learn more information, download our host one-pager and/or participant one-pager.

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OneRace One-Day will serve as a launching pad for a national pastor groups initiative. We will hear from thought leaders such as Dr. Nicole Martin, Dr. Bryan Loritts, Dr. Michael Emerson, Dr. Walter Kim, Dr. Rodrigo Cruz, Pastor Johnson Bowie, Pastor Peter Lim, and Brooke Hempell.

We invite you to join us as we cast vision, offer a framework for reconciliation, and catalyze a movement of pastors working toward oneness and justice. This event will be the launchpad for a 9-month initiative in which pastors and leaders will gather to pray, build relationships, be spiritually formed, and move toward justice.

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