March on Atlanta

Executive Summary

Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and Rayshard Brooks are only a few of the names of black people killed in 2020 due to racial profiling. The disheartening realities faced in 2020, helped to refine OneRace’s trajectory.  As a result, in a year marked by a global pandemic and racial violence, OneRace called the church to convene and advocate for justice on behalf of Black image-bearers. 13,000 believers in conjunction with Maverick City Music and 700 ministries gathered. There were those that marched in solidarity and others who marched to vent their pain while embodying a heavenly defiance towards the evil of racism. God’s grace was palpable both in the inception, and implementation of this event. Consequently, this was the nation’s largest prayer and protest gathering. Soon after, Georgia went on to pass Hate Crime Bill 426,  dictating that racial violence would be treated as a hate crime. 

March on Atlanta

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