Do I need to Register for OneRace Stone Mountain?

Yes, though registration is free, you have to reserve your spot by registering. Furthermore, your registration will allow us to provide you the appropriate information about OneRace Stone Mountain over the coming weeks. You can register here.

Will attendees still need to pay the Stone Mountain Park Entrance Fee?

Yes, cost is $20 per car, so we encourage carpooling.

Will there be meals/food available?

You can bring your own food in (no glass container allowed) or you can purchase food from one of the many restaurants in the park. To see a list of restaurants and pricing click here.

Will there be a shuttle from parking to the event?

We will not be providing shuttle services from the parking lot to the lawn within Stone Mountain Park.

What to bring to OneRace Stone Mountain?

You can bring lawn chairs or blankets to sit on the lawn. We also recommend bringing water because it will be a hot day. You can also bring your own food or purchase meals at the park.

Can you rent Strollers and Wheelchairs at the Park?

Strollers, manual wheelchairs, and electronic controlled vehicles (ECV’s) are available for rent at the Adventure Center with valid identification. Credit card is required for wheelchair rentals.

Are pets allowed?

Only dogs and cats are welcome to visit the Park. They must be kept on a leash no longer than 6 feet, but they are not allowed on the lawn where OneRace Stone Mountain will be held.

What is the schedule for OneRace Stone Mountain?

9-10 AM Pre-service Worship*
10-12- Healing and Repentance segment
12-2 – Reconciliation Segment
2-4 – Unity Segment
4-6 – Justice Segment
*Millennial Ascent will gather at 9 AM at the base of the mountain

What is the Millennial Ascent?

The millennial ascent is the beginning event of OneRace Stone Mountain in which thousands of young adults will ascend to the top of Stone Mountain and join the pastors in renouncing racism. If you are a young adult and would like to participate you can do so by registering here.

Will there be a stage where attendees will be able to see the musicians and speakers? Will there be screens showing what’s happening on the top of the mountain?

There will be a stage at the base of the mountain where the lawn is. There will also be a platform and screen at the top of the mountain, and we will stream the event from the top of the mountain to the screens on the lawn.

Who will be leading worship at OneRace Stone Mountain?

We have confirmed Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Travis Green, Eddie James, Shane & Shane, United Pursuit, Caleb Andrews, and Influencers Music with Christian Lewis as some of the artist that will be participating.

Will this event be appropriate for families with young kids?

The atmosphere will be very kid friendly, and the areas adjacent to the main lawn have spaces for food, and recreation. The atmosphere will be much like an outdoor event such as the laser show. We will be putting lots of cooling stations out on the lawn, and will provide plenty of water since the day will likely be hot. There are indoor eating and recreation spaces available where families can take respite.

Where do churches and leaders gather?

There will be a VIP area provided for pastors and ministers as well as special seating for the leadership of participating churches.

What is the Weapons policy for OneRace Stone Mountain?

No weapons of any kind are permitted at the event.

Volunteering: Will volunteer slots be all day, or shorter segments of the day?

Volunteer slots will be assigned in shifts. The times allotted to serve will be based on the area you volunteered in. If you would like to register as a volunteer you can do so by registering here.


Let’s initiate a movement of racial healing that will culminate with a solemn assembly at Stone Mountain! On August 25, 2018 we’ll gather leaders of all races and ethnicity from across the region, and we’ll stand together in unity renouncing the spirit of racism. Let’s stand for unity and racial reconciliation!