On August 25, 2019 we’ll gather churches of all races, denominations, and ethnicity from across the region, for a multi site event called Day of Remembrance. August 2019 marks the 400th anniversary since the first slave ship docked in Jamestown. We believe this season of remembrance can act as a healing balm to the racial wound of our nation, furthering spirtual renewal.


Participating Churches

Fathers House
New Bridge Church
Reveal Church
The Fountain Church

Cumberland Community Church
Mosaic Church
Rockpoint Church
Victory Church

Atlanta Dream Center
Metro City Church
Woodland Hills Church

Discover Point
Fathers House
Living Victorious Family Center
Rockdale Baptist Church

Pilgrim Pentecostal Church of Christ
Stone Mountain Baptist Association
Stone Mountain First Baptist Church
The Christian Jubilee Full Word Baptist Church

The Church at Chapelhill
Cumberland Community Douglasville

Iglesia Ramanso de Paz

Journey Church Monroe

Communion Fellowship Ministries International

Sumter Chapel


Do I need to Register for the Day of Remembrance?

Yes, registration is free and will allow us to communicate and help you find a participating church. Furthermore, your registration will allow us to provide you the appropriate information about the Day of Remembrance over the coming weeks. You can register here.

Why are we gathering?

At this historic time, we believe the church must demonstrate leadership by speaking with clarity regarding Biblical justice and racial reconciliation. We believe this season of remembrance can act as a healing balm to the racial wounds of our nation, furthering spiritual renewal.

What events will take place leading up to the Day of Remembrance?

We believe the Lord is calling the church in our city to go on a journey into his heart and together into oneness. Come with us as we prepare our hearts for the Day of Remembrance in August of 2019. Join us for the 400Conference on August 2-3 at Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, 400 Leadership Summit on August 2, a 21 Day Fast, and ending with the Day of Remembrance.

How do I find a participating church?

You can find a participating church by looking on our website or by registering for the Day of Remembrance and we will send you more information about the churches around the city who are joining in.

What will the service be like?

The service will be liturgical in nature. There will be times of reflection, exhortation, repentance, and communion. The service is designed to help you Know the Story of our collective history, Own the Story of the church, and leave with a sense of how to move forward in Changing the Story for generations to come.