PAW Kids

LaTonya saw problems so deep, that if individuals were given access to the right resources, change would happen.  So she started working with Paradise Baptist, a long standing Grove Park church “P” and Atlanta Westside Presbyterian Church, her local church, “AW;”  to create a partnership to help reconcile the communities & start working on these needs.


  • Continued guidance from the holy spirit as to where to go, who serve, how to serve. Discernment is what led us to start every program we have and we believe that success is solely because it was in fact God’s Work.
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We offer volunteer opportunities to all who are interested! As of now due to COVID, we are easing into the normal flow of our days so there aren’t as many hands-on opportunities, but our pantry could always use volunteers/food. The PAWKids pantry serves over 500 people a week. We are always open to more supplies such as toiletries, snacks and water. These supplies would also be used for our food truck, which is now on the road and going to neighboring communities! Below is also a link that gives all other outlets of getting involved and including gift list.

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Financial partnerships are what keeps our doors open! Our community space, the Gathering Place, was established as a safe haven for the residents of Grove Park. In this house we offer a primary healthcare clinic, two behavioral health classes by professionals, a wash house, and rooms for people in extreme cases or travelling missionaries. We have partnered with the zone one police department, where we open the doors there for people who were on the way to jail, instead of getting a hot meal and shower. This place is a gem and we welcome all who would like to come and get involved but the doors will not stay open alone!

Our after school program is one that offers free childcare, a reading program and meals to children and their families four days a week. The reading program is in dire need of support. Woodson Park Elementary, our feeder school, Woodson Park Academy ranks worse than 98.6% of elementary schools in Georgia. It also ranks 52nd among 53 ranked elementary schools in the Atlanta Public Schools District. Keeping these doors open. This is another space that is a dire need for this community and a dire need for the underserved community of Atlanta overall. We have extended our efforts in creating a mobile learning unit that will allow us to take more kids, and allow us to go to other neighborhoods with our reading program. This is a great cause to be a part of!

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