Day of Remembrance

Executive Summary

In August of 1619 the first slaves were introduced to the United States at Jamestown, Virginia. This year our nation will commemorate the 400-year anniversary, which will provide a significant opportunity for the church to engage in the national discourse around the celebration and lamentation of the African American legacy. At this historic time, we believe the church must demonstrate leadership by speaking with clarity regarding Biblical justice and racial reconciliation. We believe this season of remembrance can act as a healing balm to the racial wounds of our nation, furthering spiritual renewal.


We’re calling the church to prepare in this season through equipping, fasting & prayer, and participation in the Day of Remembrance on August 25 of 2019.

Key Events

  • Equipping: Key equipping events will include the 400 Conference on August 2-3
  • Fasting & Prayer: Prayer Groups, Regional Prayer Gatherings, 21 Day Fast (August 4-21, 2019)
  • Day of Remembrance: a service of celebration & lamentation around the 400-year anniversary.

Why The Day of Remembrance?

We as the church are called to mourn with those who mourn, and rejoice with those who rejoice (Romans 12:15). Lamentation and celebration are key expressions that will comprise the Day of Remembrance and the season leading up to it. We will invite people specifically into a special service hosted at participating churches across our city on Sunday August 25th. The service will be comprised of times of reflection, response, and resolution, intended to unite and strengthen the Body of Christ. If we enter into mourning, we trust God will release to us His comfort.


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