City Takers

CITY TAKERS strives to see the urban/hip-hop culture reached and transformed with the Gospel. We believe this is accomplished by LOVING, DRAWING and BUILDING people in a cycle that multiplies urban missionaries as leaders of change in their city. CITY TAKERS is a movement of radical love in action with attention to the poor and marginalized and the desire that all experience Jesus.

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Our neighborhood is known for record numbers of violence, drugs and crime. We have launched a youth development program called “Greater Than” that uses mentorship to address youth in this environment. Help us pray for these teens, that they may break cycles through faith in Jesus and the support of our mission.
Our neighborhood is in a federally designated food desert, meaning that our neighbors do not have access within walking distance to fresh, affordable food options. Help us pray for our weekly Fresh Food Friday initiative, that there may be a healthy supply of resources, food and volunteers to continue to deliver food to these disadvantaged households in our community.
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The “Greater Than” Youth Development Program is teaching teens biblical identity and purpose through sports, music and entrepreneurship. Using the bible, mentorship and life skills training, teens are learning that they are “Greater Than” sports, music and hustling. We have identified that teens in our neighborhood see these things as “ways out of the hood” and we are using these interests to love, draw and build them in faith, purpose and identity.
  • $200/month sponsors (1) teen in the “Greater Than” program
  • $5,000/month sponsors (25) teens in “Greater Than”
  • $60,000/year sponsors the “Greater Than” program for a year
  • We are in need of another 15 passenger van to pick up teens in the community for “Greater Than” and other faith based, safe, positive opportunities ($30,000)
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