400 Conference

Executive Summary

After several years of prayer and fasting, we recognized that God was inviting us to guide leaders on their pathway forward. The 400 Conference was the introduction of OneRace’s transformational model, Know the Story, Own the Story and Change the Story. The commemoration of the 400th year since the introduction of African enslaved people into the US colonies served as a backdrop for the road ahead.

Unlike other gatherings, this event provided pastors and leaders with biblical and scholarly resources. Our sessions were led by those who had been committed to the work in either a ministerial, academic, governmental, or marketplace fashion. We were honored to have heard from Dr. John Perkins, Lisa Fields, Louie Giglio and several other renowned speakers. Prior to concluding the conference,  leaders were given the opportunity to ponder and pray on how they might engage in changing the story of our country’s and the Church’s sinful past. All in all, this event gathered 1,000 leaders from across the country of varying ethnic, gender, denominational, and racial backgrounds. We believe this time of equipping provided a necessary precursor for the amplified racial tensions our nation would soon encounter.

The Purpose of the Event

Our Impact




Churches and ministries represented

Mobilized leaders to engage in Mercy and Justice work.