Atlanta Covenant

Acts 17:26 And He made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth…

Racism in any form is a grave sin against God and man. Mankind is made in the image and likeness of God. Racism stands vehemently against this truth by attempting to subjugate, suppress and destroy His image in humankind. Like all sin, racism is destructive, divisive, and ultimately demonic. It is never benign, respectable, or acceptable.

Racism has been part of the human condition since sin entered the heart of man. Death, strife, and turmoil follow in its path. History proves that where racism is sanctioned by those in government grave suffering follows. In the United States, we have seen its impact historically through systemic slavery, segregation, and subjugation of minority peoples. In modern days, though many laws have changed, many negative effects remain. Civil unrest from racial tensions has again risen to a fever pitch. Prejudice and bias can be found in many sectors of society, even in the Church of Jesus Christ.

Because the Church of Jesus Christ has been complicit in the sin of racism, the Church must now repent of racism and take a stand against all of its forms and expressions. Racism has no place in our lives, families, churches, government, or nation. Each culture and ethnicity is made in God’s image, all stemming from Adam and Eve, and therefore bearing inestimable, God-given value.

We recognize that religion has been used as a means to affirm and support racist ideologies. Today, as the Church of Jesus Christ, we repent of racism and reject any “religious movement” that embraces it. The church of Jesus Christ must express the values of love, unity, empathy, and forgiveness, which are critical components of the Kingdom of God. Therefore, in faith that our actions today will shift the spiritual climate that has emboldened religious separations and racial divisions in our nation we make the following covenantal commitments:

The Imago Dei

We believe that cultural reconciliation is inherent to the gospel of Jesus Christ and it is only through the gospel that reconciliation between cultures is possible. There is no power other than the power of the cross of Christ that is able to destroy historic cultural divisions and bring unity and peace.

Therefore, we reject and renounce any “supposed gospel” that divides people across cultures, genders or Christian denominations.

The Gospel

We believe that cultural reconciliation is inherent to the gospel of Jesus Christ and it is only through the gospel that reconciliation between cultures is possible. There is no power other than the power of the cross of Christ that is able to destroy historic cultural divisions and bring unity and peace.

Therefore, we reject and renounce any “supposed gospel” that divides people across cultures, genders or Christian denominations.

Oneness In Christ

We believe that our identity as brothers and sisters united together in Christ across cultures, genders, and denominations, as expressed in the Word of God, supersedes any public, private, or personal ideology, race, gender, religion, political affiliation, culture, or creed.

Therefore, we reject and renounce any philosophy that exalts any human affiliation above our shared oneness and identity in Christ.

Christian Responsibility

We believe the Church of Jesus Christ must take responsibility to lead in the effort to see unity exalted and racism destroyed in this generation so that the other spheres of culture and subsequent generations may stand in the blessing of reconciliation.

Therefore, we reject and renounce passive acceptance of social norms that lend toward disunity and division.

Christian Unity

We believe it is God’s will as expressed throughout the scriptures that unity across cultures, genders, and denominations is to be a hallmark of the Christian faith. This unity when embraced and expressed by the Church of Jesus Christ will be a testimony to the world of the authentic, transformational power of the gospel.

Therefore, we reject and renounce complicity with disunity knowing that the witness of the gospel of Jesus Christ is at stake.

The Imago Dei

We covenant to stand against racism in every form, never again allowing it to gain a foothold within our spheres of influence.

We covenant to publicly and privately declare that all people are made in the image and likeness of God, through preaching and practice, affirming the dignity and value of every person regardless of culture or gender.

The Gospel

We covenant to faithfully proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, which espouses the values of righteousness and justice, the reconciliation of God and man, and the reconciliation of man, one to another.

Oneness In Christ

We covenant to identify ourselves as members together of the body of Christ and ambassadors of the kingdom of God above any cultural, social, political, or economic identification or affiliation.

Christian Responsibility

We covenant to engage in works of redemptive justice that espouse and affirm our belief that the gospel of Jesus Christ is designed to impact the spheres of our society.

Christian Unity

We covenant from this day forward to be engaged and active in efforts to promote cultural unity and spiritual revival in our families, churches, cities, and nation.

We covenant to stand firm against all racial and religious division until racism, religious separation, and segregation are completely eradicated in the Church of Jesus Christ.

Today, we declare it is the responsibility of the church to lead in eliminating racism, prejudice, and division in our society.

As believers in Christ, we take our stand against racism in all its forms and declare that it has no place in our lives. We repent of racism and break all agreement with it.

As believers in Christ, we take our stand against dead religion in all its forms and declare that it has no place in our lives. We repent of dead religion and break all agreement with it.

Today, we command an end to the authority of the spirits of racism and religion that have influenced our churches, politics, economics, civic organizations, our city, our state, and nation.

By the authority of Jesus Christ we declare that all other spiritual authority is broken and the authority of the Kingdom of God is established.

We declare the strongholds of racism and religion have come down never to be established again.

We declare that God is raising up a new generation of believers who will no longer comply with any form of racial prejudice, cultural disunity, or divisive religion, but will live compelled by the love of God expressing the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We declare that cultural reconciliation is established today.

We declare that Christian unity is established today.

We declare that both the righteousness and justice of God is established today.

We declare today, that a new day of racial reconciliation and revival has dawned, throughout our churches, our city, our state, and the nation.

Pastoral Signatories

Aaron Born
Victory World Church

Aaron Snow
C3 North Atlanta

Aaron Gable
LifeBridge Church

Aaron Macias
Encounter Church

Abbi Brunson
Embrace Church

Adam Deckard
Mountain Lake Church

Aimee Holcombe
Cathedrial international church Kennesaw

Alan White
Mount Pisgah UMC

Alberta Pugh
Happy Hill Church – Ramona, Ok

Alex Gamadanis
Factory church

Alex Otto
12Stone Church

Alex Farmer
Servants of Christ Anglican Church, Gainesville, FL

Alisha Williams
Life In Christ International Ministries

Alista Hubbard
New Hope World Outreach of South Atlanta

Allen Hoskyn
North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church

Allison Olivas
Victory Hamilton Mill

Allison Rolax
Victory World Church

Allison Naze
Victory Church

Amanda Barker
Victory World Church

Ameera Joe
North Point Community Church

Andrew Pasedag
Tanners Baptist Church

Andrew Momon
Victory Midtown

Andrew Harwell
Perimeter Church

Andrew Huggins
First Presbyterian Church Douglasville

Andrew Scott
Assembly Church

Angel Maldonado
The Path Church

Angela Howard
Victory World Church Norcross

Angela Solomon
HISway Christian Fellowship church

Angela Thornton
South Carolina School of Leadership

Anita Szaller
The Source Church Unlimited

Anneta Price-Parris
Christ The Restorer Ministry

Annette Thiesen
AFCM International Latin America

Annette Holloway

Annika Murray
Influencers Church Roswell

Anthony DiMarco
Hartville Church of the Brethren

Apostle Larry Tabron
Everlasting love Ministries

April Woods
Cathedral of Faith COGIC

April Matthews
Victory World Church – Norcross

Arlene Murrell
GO Church

Armando Doblado
City of Hope Church

Arnold Barlow
Perimeter Church

Arthur Breland
Woodland Hills Church Atlanta

Ashley Evans
Influencers Church

Ashley Schermerhorn
Fathers House, Mechanicsville, VA

Awatt Awatt
Covenant Presbyterian Church

Ayanna Giles
Life Center Ministries

Azael Carcamo
Iglesia Casa de Adoracion, Alavanza y Fortaleza

Ball Head
Christ Church

Barbara Walker
Abiding Love Fellowship

Barry Kyrklund
Sugar Hill United Methodist Church

Beau Adams
Community Bible Church

Ben Hardman
Grace Marietta

Ben Melancon
International House of Prayer Atlanta

Benjamin Barnett
Bridge Pointe Church

Benjamin Ladner
LifeBridge Church

Benjamin Johnson
Immigrant Hope

Bernard Emerson
Tapestry Church

Bernice Wright
Tabernacle Church

Billy Humphrey
International House of Prayer Atlanta

Bishop Manuel Stancil
Greater Harvest International Fellowship and Providential Grace Atlanta

Blake Wiggins
UGA Wesley Foundation

Bobby Scott
Perimeter Church and School

Bobby Brewer
North Chapel Bible Church

Bonita Borst
Attica 1ST UMC/SONday Schl Teacher

Bonnie Carmichael
River of Life Assembly of God

Brady Hoffman
Refuge Church

Brandon Koneight
Restoring Everything Damaged

Brandon Wilkes
Peoples Church St. Louis, MO

Brenda Nated
Fellowship Community, Warm Springs,GA

Brenda Harper
For God’s Glory House Church

Brenda Sampson
Cross Church

Brent Harrison

Brian Harvey
The Anglican Church of Canada — Diocese of Huron

Brian Bloye
West Ridge Church – Dallas, Georgia

Brian Kite
Shalom Community Church

Brian Bone
Emmaus Church

Brian Ellison
North Metro Church

Brian Ward
Northminster Presbyterian Church

Brianna Ruthven
Encounter Church

Britt Mooney
Phoenix Community of Suwanee

Bruce Rhodes
Lifeway Church

Bryan Page
Mission Acts International

Bryan Apinis
North Point Ministries

Byron Mims
Youth Inspirational Fellowship

Byron Johnson
Atlanta Westside Presbyterian Church; VISION 9:38

Caleb Bedingfield
Sojourn Community Church, Woodstock, GA

Caleb Ruthven
Encounter Church

Calvin Scott
Believers Temple Word Fellowship

CarolAnne Bergland
Word of Faith Dominion Church

Carole Noyce
Shekinah Revival Ministries

Carolyn Williams
Aglow International (North GA President)

Carolyn Hindel
Roberta UMC

Celestin Musekura
African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries, Inc.

Ch.Bonnie Baker
The Go Tell Eve Project

Charles Clarke
Glory Revival Center

Charles Saddler
Elk Creek Church, McCall, Idaho

Charles Phillips
Fire Church

Charles Lollar
Trinity Christian Center

Charlie Sanders
Sioux Falls First Church

Che Manuel Lewis
Gospel NatIon Christian Fellowship Church

Cheressse Harris
Victory World Church

Cheris Baker
Praise Services LLC

Cheris Baker
Praise Services LLC

Cheryl Nicolay
New Beginnings Christian Center

Chip Wood
Victory Hamilton Mill

Chip Sweney
Perimeter Church

Chip Buhler
20 Twenty Vision

Chris Case
Resonate Church

Chris Hyatt
Covenant Life Church

Chris House
City Life Church

Chris Alberts
Center of Praise and Restoration Ministries International Inc.

Chris Butts

Christopher James
North Highland assemblies of God

Christopher Saltz
The Fountain Church

Christopher Bennett Brooks
Sanctuary Covenant Church, Minneapolis

Cindi Costoulas
Fellowship Bible Church

Cindy Nufio
Victory World Church

Claire Carter
The Father’s House

Clando Brownlee
Word of Faith Church

Clark Beasley
North Metro Church

Clinton James
International House of Prayer Atlanta

Clinton James
IHOPATLANTA New Bridge Church

Clinton Watson
First Baptist Church Chattahoochee

Cody Disney
Public Church

Colleen Rouse
Victory World Church

Collleen Rouse
Victory church

Connie Auerbach
St Luke’s Anglican Church, Copley, Ohio

Constantine Gaines
Revolution Church, McDonough GA

Corey Gibson
Corey Gibson Ministries

Corron Boston
Sugar Hill Church, Sugar Hill, GA

Courtney Hillery
City Church Eastside

Courtney Harkness
Cumberland Community Church

Craig Jones
Abiding Church

Craig Bowler

Crawford Loritts
Fellowship Bible Church

Crispus Mulu
world Harvest Church

Cristian Gastou
Iglesia Desarrollo Cristiano

Cristiane Fukuda
Victory Norcross

Crystal Pritchett
Souls…The Only Goal

Crystal Pritchett
Souls the Only Goal

Cynthia C. Garrett
Word of His Grace Ministries, Inc.

Dallas Anthony
Victory Church

Dan Palmer
Atlanta Dream Center

Dan Crain

Daniel Iverson IV
Restore Life/Shalom City Church

Daniel Cline

Daniel Hicks
North Metro Church

Daniel Saade
Victory Church

Daniel DeWitt
Veritas Church

Daniel Taylor
Rivers of Joy / Burn24-7 Bahrain

Danielle Graves
Clear View Ministries Church

Darrell Cox
Trinity Worship Center

Darren Tooson
Victory Hamilton Mill

Daryl Russell
Reach Out Center

Dave Divine
Chapelhill Church

David Nauman
Oasis City Church, Columbus Ohio

David Sliker

David Viggiani

David Wozniak
Influencers Church

David Reeves
adventures in mission/world race

David Cain
The Barnabas Door Ministries Group

David Slagle
Veritas Church

David Lannan
House of Hope Christian Church/Iglesia Cristiana Casa de Esperanza

David Zayas
Vida City Church AG

David Barsky
Beth Yeshua Messianic Synagogue — The House of the Risen Son

Dawn Bostick

Dawn White
Life Center Ministries

Debbie Thompson

Debora Kantor
Anglican Parish of Cambridge and Waterborough, NB Canada

Deborah Tilden
LifeVictory Coaching

Deborah Bellino
Church on The Rock

Deborah Ruland
Glory of the Lord Family Ministries

Debra Hogg
Fathers House Conyers

Deena Taylor
Deena Taylor Ministries, INC & One Encounter

Denard Ash
Be The Church Network

Denise McDowell
North Metro Church

Dennis Rouse
Victory church

Deon Vanstaden
STIC Ministries Inc.

Derrick Sheilds
Christ Community Church

Devron Woodruff
FCS Urban Ministries

Dewell Smith
Fellowship Bible Church, Roswell

Diana Somerville
Buckingham Nazarene Church

Dick & Virginia McManus
Firestorm Ministries

Dion Evans

Dion Evans
Imago Dei Church

Dobbriale Mosley
ReThink City Church

Don Brown
LifeLink Church

Don McLaughlin
North Atlanta Church of Christ

Donald and Ruth Ruth Patterson Patterson
Ministry Resources

Dongin John Kim
Sugarloaf International Fellowship

Donn Thomas (Team)
Lilburn Alliance Church

Donna Liew
Prepare Ministries

Dora Head
Promiseland Church

Dorothy Mallory

Doug Stringer
Somebody Cares International

Doug Hurley
North Point Community Church

Doug Mumma

Douglas Moran
O’Kelly Chapel Missionary Baptist Church

Dr. Clement Momah
Surging Life Ministries

Dr. Moses Mukwiza
All nations Christian fellowship

Dr. David E. Jackson
The Rock ATL

Dr. J Combs
Mission Acts International

Dustin Pennington
New Bridge

Dustin Schadt
Northside Church – Roswell

E. Brandon Dean
New City Church

E. Lamar Young
LifePoint, A Transformational Church

Earl Williams Jr
Victory World Church

Earnest Holbrook
Southside Christian Fellowship

Ed Martin
Community Christian Church of Coweta County

Eddie Goodall
New Covenant Baptist Church

Elease Walker
Living Word International Ministries

Ellynda Lipsey
Mountain Park United Methodist Church

Emilio Hood
Perimeter Church

Emily Hughes
New Bridge Church

Emmanuel Eregie

Eriberto Soto
Fort Caroline United Methodist Church

Ernest Usher
New Beginnings Fellowship CMA

Ernie Lee
Grace Montagnard Fellowship Church

Erven Kimble
Life ANEW Global Ministries

Ervin Moore
North Point Community Church

Evie Palmer
IHOP Atlanta

Ezekiel Adetunji

Farrand Gary
12Stone Church

Faye Thompson
House of Hope Atlanta

Felicia Campbell
The Faith Center

Felicia Brown
Encounter Church

Ferrell Brown
Victory World Church

Flori Benitez
Iglesia de Cristo En Misin

Flynn Johnson
Atlanta Metro Cathedral

Foley Beach
Archbishop, Anglican Church in North America

Frankie Vega
Arc City Church

Fred Wilson
Yielded Ministries

Freddy Bello
Centro Misionero Vino Nuevo

Fredrica Walters
Christian Faith Outreach Centre of Toronto – Faith Family Church

Gabe Palmer
IHOP Atlanta

Gail Roberts-House
Open Door Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship

Garland Thomas
New Life Worship Center, Tahlequah , Ok.

Garland Hunt
Fathers House

Garrett Moore
Perimeter Church

Gary Thompson
Restoration Fellowship

Gary Scroggs
The Praise Center

Gary DiRusso
His Forgiving Grace Ministries

Gary Christopher
Grace Midtown Church

Geanna Wilde
Cross Church

Gene Chastain

George Stacy
Tapestry Chicken

George Stephen Kelly
Atlanta Vineyard Church (Vineyard USA)


Gere Abramovs
Hope Community Fellowship

Germaine Yamamoto
Iglesia Internacional De Jesucristo

Giselle Munguia
Templo Eben-Ezer Norcross

Glenn Collier
New Harvester International Ministries

Gloria Dickinson
Church Of The Crossroads

Grace Sears
The Order of the Daughters of the King

Grace Miller
World Harvest Church

Gracie Echols
Crossview community church Rockmart GA

Greg Haswell
Northlands Church

Greg Goebel
Anglican Diocese of the South

Greg Brown
Western Heights Baptist Church

Gregg Kennard
NSPIRE Outreach

Gunter Akridge
The Dwelling

Hailey Mauldin

Hannah Campbell
World Harvest Church – Roswell, GA (Ministry of Helps Director)

Hardin Byars
Grace Marietta Church

Hazen Stevens

Henry Joseph
Fellowship of International Churches

Hiram Sostre
Iglesia Cristo Vive

Howard Levin

Howard Koepka
Noonday Association of Churches

Hugh Hendrickson
Lavonia First UMC

Hunter Howard
Encounter Church

Ian Bland, Sr.
Victory Hamilton Mill

Ingrid Ljungholm
The Salvation Army

Israel Piotter
Victory World Church

J. Casiano-Hoskin
New Covenant World Outreach Church

J. Michelle Ransom
Victory World Church

Jacinta Cox
Victory World Church

Jack Clark
St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Reformed Episcopal Church, NEMA Disocese

Jackie Grube
Sugarloaf United Methodist Church

Jacob Roberts
New Life Church of the Nazarene

Jacob Giles
Mariners Church Huntington Beach

Jacqueline Hamilton
freedom outpost

Jacquelyn Canniff
Deep Waters Church

James Freeburg
Vineyard Church Northwest

James Leak
New Harvester International Ministries

James Rowell

James Walker
Chapelhill Church Atlanta

Jamey Dickens
East Cobb Church

Jamie Pridgen
Forerunner Church (IHOP-ATL)

Jamie & Jamie Pridgen
IHOP Atlanta

Jane Evans
Influencers Church

Janell Barganier
New Mercies Christian Church

Janet Smith
The Bridge Church

Jarrod Six
Solid Rock Church

Jarrod Geistdorfer
Brookside community church Macungie pa

Jason Britt
Bethlehem Church

Jason Gerdes
Revolution Church

Javon Legons
Victory World Church

Jay Meyer
Cheyenne Vineyard

Jay Cookingham
Bridge Builders Community Church

Jean Cyprien
Victory World Church – Leader in Money + Work ministry.

Jeanette Stephens
Landmark Church

Jeff Lyle
New Bridge church

Jeff Grant
iServe Ministries

Jeff Coleman
Sugar Hill United Methodist Church

Jeff Hidden
Victory Church

Jeff Norris
Perimeter Church

Jeff Coleman
Sugar Hill United Methodist Church

Jeff Thornton
Sugarloaf United Methodist Church

Jeff Johnson
Mount Paran Church Young Adults

Jeff Brewer
West Ridge Church

Jeffrey Rolfe
Armada Church of the Nazarene

Jeffrey Henning
Break Bread Ministries

Jennifer ONeal
Believers Church of Reidsville

Jennifer Hannack
Rivers Apostolic Center

Jennifer Harry

Jenny Perez
Victory Church ATL

Jerrold Strong
Fellowship at the Ranch

Jerry Poindexter
Woodland Hills Church

Jerry Johnson
Beacon of Light Christian Center

Jerry and Elva Alcorta
New Destiny Church

Jesse Morell

Jim Williams
Aglow International, Men of Issachar

Jimmie Hall
By Faith Living Church

Jimmie Mayo IV
The Village Church

Jimmy Kim
Perimeter Church

Joe Sanders
Grace and Peace ministry

Joe Roberts
Mosaic Fellowship Church, Canandaigua, New York

Joe Roberson
Victory World Church

Joel George
Daystar Inc

Joel Harrison
Atlanta Metro Baptist Association

Joel Diaz
Fellowship Bible Church

Johanna Bello
Centro Misionero Vino Nuevo

John Malone
North Woods Community Church

John Yoon
Grace Community Church

John Thompson
Kainos Church

John Holloway
Canton First UMC

John Maggard
North Metro Church

John Webster
The Bay Church

John Brose
Public Church

John and Katherine Baker
Universal Life Church

Johnson Bowie
Victory Hamilton Mill

Jon Mitchell
College of Prayer International

Jon Sterns
Southeast Vineyard Churches

Jon Spangler
Influencers Church Gwinnett

Jon Ligon
Revolution – Can

Jon Ligon
Revolution Church Canton

Jon Petersen
24-7 Communities USA

Jon Gerdts
Morningside Lutheran

Jonatan Toledo

Jonathan Rucker
The Father’s House

Jonathan Huggins
Berry College (Chaplain) and Anglican Priest

Jonathan Goode

Jonathan Tremaine Thomas
Civil Righteousness, Inc.

Josef Fain
Universal Life Church

Joseph Keeton
Faith Church Atlanta

Joseph Sterling
Bay City Church

Josh Mayo
Cross Church

Josh Clemons

Josh Linman
Common Table Decatur

Josh Ellig
Christian City

Joshua Olson

Joshua Ansley
Victory Worship Center

Joshua Clemons

Joshua Spence
Catalyst Faith Church

Joshua Whitaker
Calvary Baptist Church Butler Alabama

Joy Burroughs
Church at Chapel Hill

Joy Marsh Stephens
New Creation Church

Joyce Dalrymple
Wellspring Alliance Church

Juan Nieves
Path to the light Christian church

Julia Reiff
AGLOW International

Julia Beatrice “JB” Reed
Hope City Ministries, Baltimore

Justin Gaston
The Bridge Church

Justin Lindsey
St John Baptist Church & CityTakers & Gods Squad

Justin Dean
The Sunday Group

Justina Jordan
Atlanta International Christian Praise Center

Karen Gilmore
Perimeter Church

Karen Pescosolido
Trinity United Methodist Church

Karen Newby
Roswell Assembly of God

Karla Eyre
Victory World Church – Leader – Money+Work+Life Ministry

Kate Peterson

Kathleen Gilhooly
Cornerstone Christian Assembly

Kathryn Carlton
New Life Church in Virginia Beach

Kathy Warrington
Crossroads Church

Kathy Hommel
Trinity Fellowship Church Amarillo Texas

Keischa Bradley
P.U.S.H. Ministries

Keith Webb
Compassion City Church

Keith Vanwey
The Church at Chapelhill

Keli Miller
King of Kings Ministries, International

Ken Adams

Kendall Taylor
Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church

Kenedi Griffis
Christ Culture Center

Kenneth Shenk
Followers of Jesus Atlanta

Kenneth Argot
The Salvation Army, Atlanta Temple Corps

Kenneth Peavy
Raised2walk, Inc. Youth With A Mission

Kiera Chambers
Redding First Church of the Nazarene

Kimberly Hunter
Metro City Church

Kimberly Weeks
The Factory Church

Kimberly Jones

Kris McDaniel
Trinity Anglican Church

Kristin Bernazard
North Metro Church

Kristy Quaziz
Influencers Church – Gwinnett

Kurt Scobie
Victory World Church

Labryant Friend
All Nations Worship Assembly Atlanta

Lachasha Cooper
New vision christian church

Lakisha Clemons

Larry Cheek
Stone Mountain Baptist Association of Churches

Larry Lowry
Church of God of Prophecy


Larry C Neal Jr
Victory World Church

Latasha Morrision
Be the Bridge

LaTonya Gates

Latrice Devrow
The House of Restoration

Laura Villena
Discover Life Church

Laura Roseman
NorthGate Church, Salisbury NC

Lauren Evans
Influencers Church

Lawrence Henderson
Business Operational Support Services, LLC

Lawrence Vincent Poole
Mount Paran Church

Lee Mason
Classic City Church

Lee Robbins
The Source Church Unlimited

Lee Jenkins
Eagles Nest Church

Leela Brown Waller
King Chapel AME Church

Leslie DiRusso
His Forgiving Grace Ministries

Lila Hardy
Victory world church

Lilian Ferreira
World Harvest Church

Linda Bilton
River of Life Christian Fellowship

Linda Chapman
Aglow International

Linda Jean Thompson
Jubilee Church

Lisa Cope
Victory World Church

Lisa Campbell
Church of the Holy

Liz Howard
Encounter Church

Lonnie Fenton
Sugar Hill United Methodist Church

Lorna Dawkins
Victory World Church/Norcross

Lorraine Zito
Community Christian Fellowship

Louis Holstein
Mulberry United Methodist

Luana Layton
Grace International

Lucy Mayers
Metro Atlanta Christian Center

Lyndsay Slocum
Roswell Presbyterian Church

Lynn Eldridge
Lynn Eldridge Ministries

Lynn Alderson
Pray Georgia

Manny Rivera
Discover Life Church

Marcus Yates
Embrace Church

Marcus James
New Realm Ministries

Margaret Goins
First Alliance Church

Margaretann Rogers
Living Word Christian Center, Greene, NY

Margi Wintermute
Glory Christian Fellowship

Margie Sellers
Out of the box ministries

Maria Dussault
Daystar Inc.

Maribeth Humphrey
IHOP Atlanta/New Bridge Church

Mario Arnold
Community Bible Church

Marius Buehlmann
Vineyard Bern

Marjorie Jackson
Family Christian Center

Mark Maynard
Leadership Ministries – Friday Morning Men’s Fellowship

Martene Morales-Prince
Rockstone church

Martha Wallace
New Vision Outreach Ministries

Martha Shannon
Jefferson First United Methodist Church

Martin Lyttle
Turning Point Church

Mary Hower
New Bridge

Mary Held
The HUB Atlanta

Mary Bowman
Riverstone Church, Buford, GA

Mary Anne Alexander Heiss
Wellspring Fellowship

Matt McGue
Cumberland community church

Matt Robin
Victory World Church

Matt Solik
North Metro Church

Matt Miller
Roswell Community Church

Matt Johnston
North Metro Church

Matt Lacey

Matthew Browne
Trinity Anglican Church – Eastside

Matthew Armstrong
Village Church Of East Atlanta

Matthew Ferguson
English Connection

Max Wilkins
TMS Global

MD Manes
Northwest Christian Church

MeCheryl Grear
Restoration Of Life Through Jesus Christ Ministries

Megan McClary
Crossover ATL

Meghan Morgenroth
Victory Hamilton Mill

Melinda Pearson
World Harvest Church

Melissa Wilcox
Victory Hamilton Mill (church leader)

Melissa Gomez
Iglesia Senda De Restauracin

Melissa Edge
Buckhead Church

Mercy David
TMS Global

Micayla Wise
Christ Culture Center

Michael Edwards
Bethel Atlanta

Michael Gaddis
The Church at Chapel Hill

Michael Buckingham

Michael McKnight
New Bridge; Creative Ministries; Workers, Warriors and Winners; WECC Christian Radio; Abba House

Michael Smith
First Church of the Nazarene Dublin Ga.

Michael Roberson
World Harvest

Michael Moore
City Church Albany

Michael Gaddis
GO Church

Michalel McCartney
Christian Hills Church, Orland Hills Il

Michele Rucker
Dancing on the Promise Ministries International, Inc.

Michelle Larson
Victory World Church Hamilton Mill

Michelle Smith
New Mercies Christian Church

Michelle Cleary
Buckingham Nazarene Church

Mike Tedder
The Tabernacle Church

Mike McGuire
The Fountain Church

Miki Chastain
Acworth United Methodist Church

Mona Cooper
Cross Church

Monica Selby
Canton City Church / Red Sea

Monique Barashango
ViZion Dynamic Dance Ministries (

Monte Norwood
Bible way Ministries International

Muzadi Kalala
I am the prophet of the Church (spouse) of the Christ.

Myra Jackson
Pilgrim Pentecostal Church of Christ

Nadine Bent-Russell
Destiny Metropolitan Worship Church

Najiawa Anderson
Eagles Nest Church

Nanci Lamborn
Rebuilding the Ruins

Nancy Wilson
Carson City United Methodist Church

Nancy Sousa
Influencers Church Atlanta

Nannette Alberts
Center of Praise and Restoration Ministries International Inc.

Naomi M.
Tether Mission

Nathan Emmelhainz
Northlands Church

Nathanael LHeureux
Discipleship International

Nichelle Walker
Cumberland Community Church

Nicholas Waltz
Redemption Vineyard Ch

Nick Wiedemann
East Cobb Church

Nicole Richard
Coaches 4 Life / Universal Life Church

Nicole Gregoric
Influencers Church

Nicoleta Gardier
International House of Prayer

Nigist Fassil
Ethiopian evangelical church

Nitin Sardar
Christ Bhakta mandali

Noelle Cosby
AWAKE Communities International, Inc.

Norberto Medina
Victory World Church. High School Yourh Leader thats called The Capitol

Nya Simon
World Changers Youth Experience

Olivia Gonzalez
Reveal Church

Pamela Spivey

Parker McFarland
Influencers church

Pastors Rodney and Tina Comer
Kingdom Harvest Worship Center

Patricia Kober
New Life Christian Church

Patricia Bowen
St. Luke’s Ministries

Patricia Bozeman
The Verge Church

Patricia Sweatman
Chief Cornerstone

Patrick Ballington
The Bridge Church, Cleveland GA

Paul Carter
Victory World Church

Paul Palmer
Dream Center Church

Olivia Gonzalez
Reveal Church

Pamela Spivey

Parker McFarland
Influencers church

Pastors Rodney and Tina Comer
Kingdom Harvest Worship Center

Patricia Kober
New Life Christian Church

Patricia Bowen
St. Luke’s Ministries

Patricia Bozeman
The Verge Church

Patricia Sweatman
Chief Cornerstone

Patrick Ballington
The Bridge Church, Cleveland GA

Paul Carter
Victory World Church

Paul Palmer
Dream Center Church

Paul Triplett
Redwood Chapel Community Church, Redwood Christian Schools

Pete Torres
Victory World Church

Pete Brokopp
Envision Atlanta

Peter Kimani

Peter Shannon
Centre selon Son coeur, Quebec, Canada

Philip Lehman
Discover Point Church

Philippe Quaziz
Influencers Church

Pius Mbayabo
New Jerusalem Dream Center Church of God

Portia T. Minter
The Christian Jubilee Full Word Baptist Church, Inc.

Rachel Rice
Arise: Life

Rachel Jackson
GPS Life Journey

Rachel Leah Powers
Rachel L Powers Reveal Church Lutz Florida 33549

Rachelle Digges
Send 56

Ralph Egyud
The Altar International House of Prayer

Ralph Williams
Bethel Fellowship Church

Ramonn Hines
Victory world church

Randal McNeill
Radiant Church

Randel Hambrick
Vintage 242 Church, Dallas, GA

Randy McLendon
For God & Country Church, Englewood, FL formerly of Encourager Church, Kennesaw GA

Randy Ezra Rainwater
Grace New Hope

Raven Sampson

Rebecca Esquite
Feast Campus Ministry

Rebecca Ross
North Metro Church

Rebecca Colson
Eagle’s Landing Christian Counseling Center, Inc.

Rebekah Apostol
Encounter Church

Reggie van Dinter
Hope Released

Reginald Screen
The Christian and Missionary Alliance

Remco Brommet Brommet
True Identity Ministries

Renea Lomotey
Victory Church

Renee Hope
GreenForest Community Baptist Church

Rev. Mike Devine
Arbor Pointe Church @West Jackson

Rhonda Herrick

Richard Amon

Richard Mace
Victory World Church

Richard Princewill
OneGATE Church

Richard Atkin
Cornerstone Church of Christ – Duluth, GA

Rob McDowell
North Metro Church

Robert Lewis
Metro Evangeistic outreach Center

Robert Campbell
Anchor Church

Robert Castro
Christ Church, Montclair, NJ

Robert Tennant
HillSong Church (Chapel Hill), Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of NC

Robert Crummie
Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church – Carver College

Robert Kopek
Euclid Lutheran Church

Robert Mudd
Adventures in Missions

Robert Boyd
Cross Culture Church- Elder

Robert J Mayer Mayer
Gordon-Conwell Seminary

Robin Waldrop
Atlanta Revival Center

Robin Altland
Life Center Ministries

Rodney McAuley
Immanuel Spokane

Rolando Gonzalez
Reveal Church

Ronetta Slaughter
Victory World Church

Rony Pannell
Passion City Church

Russ Harper
Hope Church Newport News

Russ Tschetter
New Beginnings Christian Fellowship

Russell Graves
Clear View Ministries Church

Ruth Evans

Ryan Sharkey

Ryan Binkley
Create Church

Ryan Roberts

Ryan Johnson
New City Church

Ryan Rolls
Influencers Church

Sabrina Villemenay
Love God Love People Missions International

Sam Connor
Christian Motorcyclists Assn.

Sam Dawkins
West Georgia UMC

Samuel Parra
Alumbrando Caminos Juventud Cristiana

Samuel Bailey
Restoration A/G Church

Samuel Giles
Life Center Ministries Inc.

Sandi Haner
Emerge Prayer

Sara Shockley
Lawson assembly of God

Sara Dickens
East Cobb Church

Sara Webb Phillips
North Springs United Methodist Church

Sarah Mendoza
Victory Vida

Scott Singletsry
Shalom City Church

Scott Davidson
Radiant Church Macon, GA

Scott Allen
Israel365, GA Christians For israel

Scott Armstrong
City Church-Eastside

Scott Free
City Takers

Scott larson
Potters House Ministry

Scott Borg
Adventures in Missions

Scott Westbrook
RiverStone Church

Selena Kirkpatrick
Redeemer Church

Seth Barnes

Sharon Tooson
Victory world church vhm

Sharon Bailey
Bethel LR Missionary Evg.

Sharon Odden
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Shay Arthur
Iris Global/Ignite A Movement

Shedrick Barrow
H s b ministers

Sheri Whitmore
Fathers House

Sherry Jackson
Cross Culture Church

Shirley Whittaker
House of Mercy Covenant Church

Shruti Kulkarni
St. Mark’s Lutheran Church

Smith Mark
Abundant Life Church Cumming Ga

Sondra Byrd
IHOP Atlanta & Newbridge Church

Sondra Byrd
Newbridge Church

Stacey McKinney
Crossroads Church Carrollton

Stacy Frison
Grace Christian Fellowship Church

Stacy Sublett
Calvary Church, Pennsylvania

Stan Kressin
Heart of Worship Ministries

Steen Hudson
Immanuel Church

Stephanie Bernotas
Cairn University

Stephen Walters
Cumming First UMC

Stephen Misarski
Barnabas Ministries Inc

Sterling Porter
Crossover Church ATL

Steve Hale
Bethel Atlanta

Steve Wood
Mount Pisgah UMC

Steve Schofield
Dahlonega United Methodist church

Steven Trippe
Abundant Life Fellowship

Steven Shearod
Cathedral International Church, Atlanta Ga

Steven Link
Hebron Church

Steven Ugan
International House of Prayer Atlanta

Steven Hill

Steven Wingate
Grace Bible church

Steven Good
All Souls Fellowship

Sue Debord
Mercy Outreach

Susan Fletcher
Kingdom Friendship Alliance, Inc.

Tae Chin
Siloam Community Church

Tafanie Van Wyngarden
All Souls Fellowship

Taffi Dollar
World Changers Church International

Tami Free
City Takers

Tater Cunningham
Grace Marietta

Taylor Pruitt
Grove Park

Tequilla Gray
Clear View Ministries Church

Teresa Bowman
Beauty of The Lord Ministries at Praise Ministry Tabernacle

Terri Hoye
Unite – Norcross l Peachtree Corners

The First Ladii Wilson

Theresa Coleman
Collins Memorial UMC

Thomas Cooley
Cobb Vineyard Church

Thomas Cheeseman
Elevate City Church

Thornell Cheeks
Empowering Truth Ministry Inc.

Tiffany Skipper
Christ Community Church

Tifiny Johnson

Tim McNeeley
Riverside Church Atlanta

Timmerle Kelly
The Hub DFW

Timothy Hogg
Fathers House Conyers

Timothy Mckibbins
Church of Atlanta Lighthouse. Inc.

Tito Ruiz
Stonemill Church Atlanta

Todd Cox
StonePoint Church

Todd Stevison
Public Church

Tom Tanner
RiverStone Church

Tony Cavener
NE Metro Christian Fellowship of Atlanta

Tony Jones
Iglesia Cristo Vive

Tony Ramos
Ihop Atlanta/New bridge Church

Tracy Miller
StonePoint Church

Tracy Carrasquillo
Victory World Church

Tracy Turner
Victory World Church (Norcross)

Trent McEntyre
Dunwoody Presbyterian Church (ECO)

Trent DeLoach
Clarkston International Bible Church

Trevor Payton
Victory World Church

Trey Lewis
Good Landing Recovery

Trish Wilkinson
Solid Rock Assembly of God

Tyler Rogers
The Healing Experience Ministries

Tyree Smith
Victory World Church

Tyrone Washington
Total Truth Restoration Ministries

Van Hardin
Fondren Church

Vanessa Tabares
Free chapel youth

Venessa Battle
New gate International Church

Veronica Frazier
Seacoast Dream Center Church

Vicki Tyler
The Nett Church

Victor Pallotta
St Lukes Anglican Church

Victor Morris
Commonweath Christian Community, Crozet, VA

Vincent Parris
Central Christian Church AZ

Vinson Lee Edwards
Bible professor at Harding University, Searcy, Arkansas

Virginia Marion
Legacy Church / Victory Church

Wayne Ransom
Victory World Church

Wendell Levister
Free Chapel Worship Center

Whitney Milord
New Bridge/IHOP

Will Gravely
Refuge Community Church

Will Johnson
Mercy Underground Church

Will Broadus
Reconcile Community Church

Will Francis

William Gossett
Journey Church

William Kpahe
Victory church

Yazairie Ramos Torres
Reveal Church

Zach Thomas
Life Impact Ministries

Zachery Mcgee
Church Without Walls TG Ministries

Zam Joseph
First Baptist Church Avondale Estate


Aaron Blodgett

Aaron Coleman

Aaron Merritt

Abby Kimsey

Abigail Olinski

Adam DeBruler

Adam Schwegman

Addie Bowen

Adele Auyong

Adolph Carrozza

Adria Vazquez

Adrienne Knight

Ahnya Daniel

Alan Myers

Alec White

Alex Gamadanis

Alex Lyle

Alex Whittaker

Alice Parham

Alice Coffey

Alicia Miranda

Alison Norris

Alissa Moneypenny

Allawan Stinson

Allisia Minor

Allison Hungate

Allison Pannell

Alora Bethay

Alvymarie Rodriguez

Alynthia Penn

Amanda Robin

Amanda Leroux

Amanda Tabor

Amanda Huyser

Amanda Cannon

Amanda Harder

Amber Ellithorpe

Amber Littleton

Amberlyn Stubbs

Amy Cook

Amy Salts

Amy Fatzinger

Amy Winchester

Amy Inyang

Amy Prall

Amy Deason

Amy Buchanan

Amy Morris

Amy Hudson

Amy Lemon

Amy Valdez

Amy Cason

Anastacia Johnson

Andrea Parker

Andrea Shrum

Andrea Younger

Andrea Cole

Andrea Layton

Andrea DePaolo

Andrew Parkin

Andrew Letchworth

Andrew King

Andrew Pacetti

Andrew L. Harrison Jr.

Andrienne McKay

Andy Hailstone

Andy Cook

Angela Brantley

Angela Mercier

Angela Jones

Angela Smith

Angela Mitchell

Angela Huggins

Angela Callaway

Angie Smith

Angie Blevins

Angie Romaneski

Anibal Hernandez

Anita Kanzinger

Anita Nauman

Ann McCauley

Ann Cassell

Ann Meyers

Anna Roper

Anna Rose

Anna Rose

Anna Gainey

Anna Kang

Anna Rechel Rechel

Annalisa Buttafuoco

Annalise Denay

Anne Crosby

Anne Nabakowski

Anson Ramsey

Anthony Poole

Ardythe Kropp

Ari Morsella

Arianna McMonagle

Ariel Scroggins

Asher Bodem

Ashley Fruhling

Ashley Fischer

Ashley Cox

Ashley Wilson

Ashley Van Ryn

Ashley Moore

Ashlie Keith

Ashly Castillo

Ashton Scott

Ashton Passino

Atlanna Rotherham

Aubrey Gregory

Audra Lindsley

Audrey Mark

Audrey Goodman

Audrey Hayes

Austin Fry

Autumn Andretta

Autumn Wright

Autumn Weise

Ava Ellis

Ave Tatum

Ayaan Hawkins Regis

Barbara Epstein

Barbara Fairbanks

Barbara Brown

Barbara Galloway

Barbara L Rash

Barbara Lucchesi Lucchesi

Bari Moulin

Barry Brooks


Beatrice Taylor

Becca Meloy

Becky Shoup

Becky Still

Ben LaForge

Ben Long

Benjamin Dixon

Berit Fortunato

Bernadette Marick


Bessie Hall

Bessie Jo Tillman

Bessie Reynolds

Beth Gundy

Beth Foltz

Beth Trudeau

Beth Tipper

Beth Anne DeKeizer

Bethsaida Everette

Betsy Bedingfield

Betty Wade

Betty Beardsley

Betty Crudup

Beverlee Paine

Beverly Wolf

Beverly Mccaulley

Beverly Fordham

Bill Anderson

Bill DeMartino

Bill Murray

Billie Anne Hardigree

Billy Strait

Bob Dickinson

Bonnie Johnson

Bonnie stevens

Brad Dunn

Brad Peterson

Bradley Holbrook

Bradley Lindborg

Bradley Barker

Brandon Johnson

Brandon Carroll

Brandon McGovern

Breanna Angel Bland

Brenda Hairfield

Brenda Milewski

Brenda Walton

Brenda Young

Brendel Hodges

Brett Campbell

Brian Alonzo

Brian Morrison

Brian Jones

Brian Minter

Brittany Baker

Brittany Robinson

Brittany Burtch

Brittany Boulware

Brittney Pendleton

Broderick Santiago

Brodie Ballard

Brodie Gruver

Bronwyn Lowery

Brooke Hempell

Bruce Kramer

Bruce Hurst

Bryan Alonzo

Bryce Knuckles

Buzz Brockway

Byron Fisher

C.J. Edenfield

Caitlin Turner

Caleb Santos

Caleb Typer

Cami Smith

Camie Holman

Camilo Araujo

Candace Bruce

carl hurst

Carl Kummer

Carla Stevens

Carleen Hall

Carlester Crumpler

Carol Theilen

Carol Hedrick

carol snider

Carol Re6

Carole Prevost

Caroline Pilgrim

Caroline Sweney

Carolyn Eiter

Carolyn Frasier

Carolyn Byars

Carrie Werner

Carrie Wilson

Carson Holler

Casey Palmer

Cason Barnes

Cassie Arzuaga

Cassie Carver

Catherine Scurlock

Catherine Rhynes

Catherine Douglas

Catherine Harold

Cathy Menchaca

Cathyjo Liosey

Catrell Agbeibor

Cayla Hunter

Celia Kite

Celia Kite

Chalton Askew


Chandra Dion

Chaney Pope

Chantel Eaton

Chara Karsten

Charissa Cruz

Charity Lewis


Charlene Kuramoto

Charlene Stewart

Charlene Edwards

Charles Westbrook

Charles Lush

Charlie Bunn

Charon Timmons

Chasen Glory

Chele Redmond

Chelsae Knight

Chelsea Putnam

Chelsea Johnson

Chelsea Anderson

Cheresse Harris

Cheryl Leon

Cheryl Dowler

Cheryl Davis

Cheryl Manning

Cheryl Dunn

Cheryl Vanderpool

Chevonne Rideau

Chris Twiggs

Chris Thomas

Chris Thomas

Chris Lane

Chrissie Thompson

Christa Mccartney

Christa Bowma

Christal Hall

Christie Wasson

Christie Rivera

Christina Cook

christina shane

Christina Mosher

Christina Lebedev

Christina Lennon

Christine Walsh

Christine Martha

Christine Campanella

Christine johanson

Christine Ware

Christine Thomas

Christine Prue

Christine Swint

Chuck White White

Ciara Baughn

Ciarra Henderson

Cindy Powell

Cindy Adair

Cindy Cruse

Cindy Jones

CJ Barnes

Clarence Dunn

Clarisse Tsang

Clay Massey

Clint Edwards

Coby Humphrey

Cole Batey

Colin Craft

Colleen McNeese

Connie Cody

Connie Allen

Connie Lindberg

Constance Reed

Corey loxen

Corinne Williams

Cory Williams

Courtney Fields

Courtney Whitaker

Craig Jackson

Craig Wickson

crystal germany

Crystal Kershaw


Curtis Hill

Curtis Little

Cynthia Morgan

D Clair Davis

D. Jonathan Weaver


Dabra Watters

Dale Bowman

Dallis Oswalt

Damian Furtch

Dana Frederick

Dana Surrett

Dana Bort

Daniel Pongracz II

Daniel Garner

Daniel Simmons

Daniel Romero

Daniel Blake

Daniel Frost

Danielle Ybarra

Danielle Bennett

Danielle Robinson

Danika Davis

Danny P. Rice

Darian Dawson

Darien Soriao

Darla Schmitt

Darlene Goins

Darnell Johnson

Darrell Hartwick

Darrell Hobson

Darren Kopack

Daryl Snyder

Dava McKnight

Dave Griswold

David Stevens

David Rolax

David Clark

David Piper

David Darcy

David Zhou

David Hannwacker

David Driver

David Dobra

David Wilson

David Price

David Calvelli

Dawn Daniels

Deanna Carter

Debbe Buller

Debbie Fulkerson

Debbie Reed

Debbie Murphy

Debbie Hawkins

Debi Rogers

Debi Rogers

Debora Suarez

Debora Suarez

Deborah Mitchell

Deborah Harper

Deborah Martin

Deborah Robertson

Deborah Boggs

Deborah McCoy

Deborah Ulsh

Deborah Clinkscales

Debra Wale

Debra Eliason

Debra Hartwig

Debra Summerlin

Debra Pemberton

Dee Matchett

Dee Dee Westbrook

Deitra Gilbert

Delories Bell

Deloris Cole

Demetrius Nelson

Denise Casadaban

Dennis Phillips

Dereck Purnell

Derick Turner

Derwk Clark

Dessie Young

Destiny Kosarick

Destiny Orengo

Devin Bruening


Diamond Smith

Diana Moon

Diana Burton

Diana Devlin

Diana Garlough

Diana Chica

Diana Vincent

Diana soto

Diane Flemming

Diane Hickey

Diane Miller

Diane Rice

Diane Sandoval

Diane Draa

Diane Ligon

Dianne Rickman

Dinah Merchant

Don Bailey

Don Friend

Don Walker

Donald Aycock

Donald Aviles

Donna Sweeny

Donna Liew

Donna Fox

Doria Stewart

Dorliss Blalack

Dormeka Pearce

Dorothy Black

Dorothy Goodman

Dorothy Staring

Douglas Mumma

Douglas Maxwell

Dr. Jacquelyn Hollister

Duedishar Jenkins

Dumebi Onogwu

Dwayne Fitzpatrick

Earnest Ceasar

Eddie Fielder

Eddie Fielder

Edie Bolduc

Edrea Douglas

Eileen McGowan

Elaine Wallace

Elaine Griswold

Elaine Heher

Eleanor Boyd

Eleanor Hamilton

Elisa Brewi

Elisabeth Marshall

Elise Garner

Elise Lockamy-Kassim

Elissa Clouse

Eliza Zachary

Elizabeth Sablon

Elizabeth Parkinson

Elizabeth Sharplin

Elizabeth Bradberry

Elizabeth Rodriguez

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth McLendon


Elizabeth McCormack

Elizabeth Tyner

Elizabeth Rash

Elizabeth Davis

Elizabeth Braden

Elizabeth Jones

Elizabeth Robertson

Elizabeth Coffin Wostbrock

Ellen Oswald

Ellen Dongieux

Elvire Francisco

Emamnuel Moka-Moliki

Emily Rennert

EMILY mejia

Emily Perry

Emina Mahmutovic

Emma Abosi

Emma Hearn

Emmanuel Ngui

Eric Logsdon

Erica Giallella

Erica Wingo

Erica Ardis

Erin Lynch

Erin Schroder

Erin Monahan Stauffer

Esmeralda Winchell

Esther sander

Ethan Miller

Eugene Browning

Evelyn Darius

Evelyn Perez

Evelyn Obawoye Ambush

Faustina Venn

Faye Leonard

Fayette Scott

Faynia David

Faythe Kadona

Fern Noble

Fifina Lawrence

Floyd Ewers

Frances Lancaster

Frank Bradley Holbrook

Fred Felton

Frederick DAnna

Gabriella Little

Gabrielle Greiner

Gail LeBlanc

Gail Churchill

Gail Hatcher

Gail Barton

Garry Combs

Gary Woodward

Gary Elseym

Gary Dockall


Gary Cordell

Gavonta Zanders

Gaynell C

Gene Swinson

Geneis Crim

Geoff Patton

George and Maureen Birkeland

Gerald Gerber

Geraldine Edwards

Gerlinde Green

Gerry Rogers

Gilma Cantu

ginny blakeman blakeman

Gisela Palacios-Calderon

Glenda Brown

Glenda Tyner

Glenn Supak

Glenn Gifford

Glenn Foster

Gloria Paige

Gloria Serrano

Gloria Jordan

Gloriana Teh

Grace Kim

Grace Johansen

Greg Irvin

Greg Trullinger

Greg Herron

Greg Smith

Gregory Gardner

Gregory Philips

Greta Holness

Gretchen Crognale

Gwen Portis

Hailey Crump

Hal Sacks

Hal Wright

Hannah Purcell

Hannah Aldrich

Hannah Balko

Hannah Buggs

Hannah Johnson

Hannah Sharp

Harina Bitow

Harry M Lightfoot JR

Hayley Mans

Hayley Zorzi

Heather Arcuri


Heather Dreeman

Heather Reed

Heather Walker

Heidi Davis

Heidi Landes

Helen Smith

Helena Washington

Hello Baljdhe

Herbert Jones

Holly Lewis

Holly Smith

Holly Thompson

Hosea Baxter

Hunter Myatt

Hutch Thomas Hutchinson

Ian Bland, Sr.

Ina Mwanda

info23 info23

Ivette Muniz


J David Jacques

J. Nathan Lippert

Jack Shaffer

Jack Alexander

Jack Alexander

Jack Mcintyre

Jack Kelleher

Jackelyn Patton-Schneider

Jackie Rodriguez

Jackie Parks

Jackie Roelofs

Jackie Wonder

Jackie Tolford

Jacob Burgess

Jacqueline Critton

Jacquelyn Morrison

Jada Maneice

Jadan Sorenson

Jaime Miranda

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james hanson

James johnson

James Longacre

James Schnelbach

James McLemore

James Van Kirk

James Ross Kelly

Jamie Morrison

Jamie Giddens

Jamie Robyck-Carr

Jamie Williamson

Jamika Needom

Jan Hernig

Jana Tillman

Jana Yandle

Jane Droge

Jane Adamson

Jane Hyder

Jane Moore

Jane Trusty

Jane Elizabeth Sewell

Janeese Greaves

Janet Daniels

Janet Greene

Janet Watkins

JaNette Russo

Janice Pollock

Janice Zaccardo

Janice Parris

Janice Thomas

Janine Octeau

Janna Williams-Pitts

Jarita Stevens

Jasmin Russell

Jason Stone

Jason Allen

Jason Uttley

Jason Immerman

Jay Cannington

Jean Twiggs

jean pimento

Jean Kelley

Jean Challe

Jean Ann Lok

Jeane Breiland

Jeanette McDonald

Jeanne Sheahan

Jeanni Strait

Jeannie Richardson

Jeff Willard

Jeff Beechler

Jeff Eagan

Jeff Tyner

Jeff Vavases


Jeffrey Pelletier

Jeffrey Corbett

Jeffrey Jones

Jenee Littleton

Jeneen Hammond

Jenene Stafford

Jenn M

Jenna Lankford

Jenna Lee

Jennifer Hutchinson

Jennifer Dews Busby

jennifer coffman

Jennifer Whittle

Jennifer Lambert

Jennifer Hanelius

Jennifer Verdery

Jennifer Cotton

Jennifer Dennis

Jennifer Cruz

Jennifer Jackson

Jennifer Schmidt

Jennifer Whitney

Jennifer Hagenstad

Jennifer Yancey

Jennifer Brimer

Jennifer Garrett

Jennifer Hyatt-Fisher

Jennifer Pendergrass

Jennifer Christine Bursch

Jennilee Santiago

Jenny Savoy

Jenny Kissoon

Jenny Carruth

Jeralyn Bowden

Jeremiah Newcomb

Jeremy Miller

jeremy mcdowell

Jeri Alarcon

Jermaine Ellis

Jerrie Alexander

Jerrold Strong

Jerry Gardner

Jerry Mckinnon

Jerry Middleton

Jesse Southerland

Jessica Ham

Jessica Ross

Jessica Bosley

Jessica Pelaez

Jessica Camacho

Jessica Arnette

Jessica Pfohl

Jessica Patton

Jessica prado

Jessica Lee

Jessica Kurtz

Jessie Hunter

JIll Cullis

Jill Wright

Jill Watson

Jill Kasowski

Jill Wu

Jill Rodick

Jillian Willis

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Jim Kurka

Jim Pace

Joanie Brown

JoAnn Hurt

JoAnn Strait

Joanna Peebles

Joanne Moyer

Jodie Rosenbalm

Joe Thompson

JoEl Kikke

Joel Gonzalez

Joey Griffin

Johann Arocho

John Harbold

John Herbaty

John hedstone

John OConnor

John Blackwell

John & Gay Bland


Johndera Sutton

Johnny Roberts

Joi Wickes

Jonathan Favors-Grimes

Jonathan Smith

Joni Kreul

Jose and Cecile Villongco

Joseph Palise

Joseph Schubeck

Joseph Sisto

Joseph Stryker

Joseph Bryant

Josephine Yackley

Joshua Ngui

Joshua Frost

Joshua Sieweke

Joshua Estes

Joshua Hoeft

Josie Ranalli

Joy Edwards

Joy Omlid

Joy Bugg

Joy Sizemore

Joy Demetriou

Joy Price

Juanita Carriveau

Juanita Douglas

Judith South

Judith Fields

Judith Sinclair

Judy Cook

Judy Hanson

Julee Bankes

Juli Meierotto

Julia Muoz


Julia Peake

Julia Beatrice “JB” Reed

Julie Sharp

Julie Sharp

Julie Thwing

Julie Compton

Julie Pate

Justice Jeffries

Justin Mah

K Sharma


Kaaren Craig

Kaimah Bass

Kaleigh Andrew

Kalyse Harris

Kamekia Norwood

Kaneisha King

Kaneka Ramsey

Kara Coe

Kareem Miller

Karen Todd

Karen Meanor

Karen Grice

Karen Derr

Karen Cain

Karidia Diallo

Karief LaCroix

Karin Hockman

Karin Pearson

Karissa Muilenburg


karl steinichen

Karlene Hamilton

Karlene Richards

Kassandra Dixon

Kate Barton

Katey VanBuskirk

Katharina Mclean

Katherine Baker

Katherine Watson

Kathina Weikum

Kathleen Burns

Kathleen Banaszak

Kathleen Zook

Kathleen Hill

Kathleen Rodriguez

Kathryn Dudley

Kathryn O’Bryan

Kathy Porth

Kathy Young

Kathy Eacrett

Kathy Sullivan

Kathy Brown

Katie Bateman

Katina Carr

Katlyn Stoneman

Katrina Hunter

Katrina D. Wilson

Katty Brumant

Katy Tulka

Kaycee Emilienburg

Kayla Myers

Kayti Batya

Keala Lee

keila Perez

Keith Loving

Kelah Wallace

Kelley Sue Hardin

Kelli Frye

Kelli Lane

Kellie Barker

Kelly Everhart

Kelly Rosenhauer

Kelly Tidwell

Kelly Burkes

Kelly Fulton

Kelsey Crawford

Kelsey Zeller

Ken Roach

Kenda Hembrough

Kendra Brooks

Kendra Jeffreys

Kendra Norwood

Kenneth Ellithorpe

Kennie Kamson

Keocean Moore colbert

Keren Ashby

Kerri Ridenour

Kerry Pierre-Lys

Kerry Thuman

Keshia Harrison

Keturah Ogletree

Kevin Burtch

Kevin Priger

Keyla Gutierrez-Morales

Kia Lane

Kim Johnson

Kim Keller

Kim Jarvis

Kim White

Kim Tucker

Kim Savage

Kim Castro-Owens

Kimberly Gray

Kimberly Hogan

Kimberly Webb

Kimberly Edmunds

Kimberly Wallace

Kimberly Hoston


Kimm Hunt

Kina Pearce

Kina Richardson

Kinesha Nelson

Kirby Lewis-Hobba

Kitti Murray

Kris Holloway

Kris Straub

Krista Meono

Kristen Wheelock

Kristen Haley

Kristi Helton

Kristi Laughlin

Kristie Charles

Kristin Nelson

Kristin Partlow

Kristin Taylor

Kristin Cole

Kristina Eberly

Kristy Billingslea

Kyle Moody

L Dawn Fischer

Laci Foster

Lael Hibshman

LaJauna Ellis

Larry Bouker


Larry Bartlett

LaShonda Mayes

Latosha Moore

Latoya Brown

Laura Bondurant

Laura Cook

Laura McGowan

Laura Arnold Jordan

Laurel Grams

Lauren Flowers

Lauren Towner

Lauren Roetman

Lauren Brockett

Lauren Billick

Lauren Farley

Laurie Evans

LaurieJaye Friesen

Laverne Lancaster

Lavonya Jones

LaWanda Wiggs

Leandra Dumas

Lee Hurtt Hurtt

Leisa Bazemore

Leisa Dethomas Dethomas

LeNae Williamson

Lenae Wimberly

Leslie Rogers

Leslie Wallace

Leslie Jacobs

Leslie Cole

Leslie Houck

Leslie Theodore

Lester Verigan

Lewis Miller

Lexy Ellingwood

Lilia Miranda

Lilia G. Sadoux

Linda Ruby

Linda Boekhout

Linda Brown

Linda Brakeman

Linda Bilunka

Linda Kelly

Linda Redwine

Linda Bean

Linda Adams

Linda Holbrook

Linda Lucksinger

Linda Maeland

Linda Gricks

Linda Harrington

Linda Norman Norman

Lindsay Bell

Lindsay Derstine

Lindsay Watson

Lindsay Anderson

Lindsay Snyder

Linzi Bullard

Lisa Briere

Lisa Richardson

Lisa Rake

Lisa Cilny

Lisa Venable

lisa harding

Lisa Skarda

Lisa Davis


Liz Dershimer

Liz Walker

Lois Schlabach

Lois Calderwood-Martin

Lora Marshall

Lore Keyton

Loretta Barton

Lori Mcdevitt

Lori Nardozzi

Lori Rockwell

Lori Mulaik

Lorna Ray

Lorraine Bittle

Louise Propst

Louise Rose

Lucinda Rolen

Ludmilla Anglade

Luke Van Dervoort

Luke McKay

Luke Shellenberger

Lydia Tarbutton

Lynda Ausburn

Lyndie Carneal

Lynette Listak

Lynn Loving

Lynn Brau

Lynn LaGreca

Lynn Mrkus

Lynne Hofhenke

Lynne Fetsko

Lynne Gant

LyThseYFIozKJxBN YCgPopsj

Mac Risley

Mackenzie Ford

Mackenzie Sloan

Macy Turner

Madeline Becker

Madison Hinckley

Madison Stuckey

Maggie Reeves

Makiyah Finney

Malachi Horton

Malcolm Bisnauth

Mallory Holt

Mallory Soriao

mandee Tobias

Mandi Sjostrom

Marcella Passmore

Marcia Leavitt

Marcia Fouts

Marcy Brown

Margaret Bloodworth

Margaret Sims

Margarrt Collins

Margie Deal

Maria Melecio-Pacheco

Maria Rivers

Maria Dussault

Marianne Pearce

Marianne Strenger

Maricela Smith

Marilyn Adams

Marilyn Jackson

Marilyn Gilliam

Mark Mrkus

mark rodgers

Mark Simpson

Mark DuBose

Mark Tegtmeier

Mark Younge


Mark Vanderpool

Mark and Rebecca Radicchi

Marlee McKinney Stewart

Marlene Cole

Marlene Clarke

Marlise Flanagan

Marnico Deladisma

Marquita Burgess

Marsha Herbaty

Marshz Green

Martha Matthiessen

Martha Dollar

Martha Keim

Martin Neuens

Mary Walters

Mary Kraft

Mary Hoeft

Mary Cantu

Mary Battles

Mary Koslowski

Mary Wylie

Mary Gates

Mary Russell

Mary Thompson

Mary Hand

Mary Brown

Mary Stephens

Mary Oliphant

Mary Leusink

Mary Anne Lindskog

Mary Ellen Hale

Mary Jo Carr

Marybeth Kaye

Masi Willis

Matt Hunter

Matt Davis

Matt Bigger

Matt Meyer

Matthew Gardier

Matthew Harris

Matthew Fincher

Matthew Bumgarner

Maura wilson

Maureen Gill

Maureen Kinney

Maureen Towett

Maya Sloniowski

Megan Loving

Megan Poole

Meghan Morgenroth

Meghan Dillard

Melanie Arnold

Melanie Dawkins

Melba Martin

Melisa Baltes

Melissa Brakeman

Melissa Shuman

Melissa Russo

Melissa Barron

Melissa Grasso

Melissa Sanchez Quiros

Melissa Poloncarz

Melissa Taylor

Melody Pickens

Meredith Masisak

Meredith Blakeley

Mesay Debela

Mia Hahn

Michael DeLeon

Michael Bonner

Michael Wickes

Michael Lancaster

Michael Marton

Michael Weidner

Michael Kelly

Micheal Marable

Michele Clark

Michelle Wilkerson

Michelle Pettitt

Michelle Seabolt

Michelle Berry

Michelle Robinson

Michelle Wesley

Michelle Patrick

Michelle Lettner

Michelle Pope

Michelle Autrey

Michelle Anderson

Michelle Kwak

Michelle Gonzalez

Michelle Stahl

Michelle Hutchinson

Michelle Gautreaux

Mike Caven

Mike Carden

Mike Ely

Milla V Callison

Millie Gerhart

Millie Mitchmore

Mira Van Duijn

Miranda Jones

Miriam Holtzclaw

Miriam Owenby

Miriam Vincent

Misty Ellen Montier

Mitchell Stephens

Mollie Wilson

Molly Pass

Mona Webster

Monesha Grant

Mont Robinson

Monique Tatum

Morgan Pfohl

Morgan Bigg

Moriah Webb

Myra McNair

Myrtis Colbert-Temple

Nadra Hunter

Nanci Green

Nancy Jackson

Nancy Butler

Nancy Claudio

Nancy Jansen

Naomi Childs

Natalie Jackson

Natalie Roby

Natalie Zelada

Natasha Velasquez

Natasha Buckler

Nate Williams

Nateefah Manigault

Nathan Blankemeyer

Nathan Barth

Nathan Booker

Nathan Mauldin

Nathaniel Miller

Nellie Gebhart

Nema Ngur

Nichelle King

Nicholas Purcell

Nicole Hartman

Nicole Montgomery

Nicole Meadows

Nikki King

Noelle Williamson

Norbert Soke

Olaolu Bolu

Olufisayo Adeyina

Olufunke Osunkoya

Ophelia Johns

Ophir and Phaedra Tukes

Owen Adair

Paige Lutes

Pam Parish

Pam Bunte

Pam Ugan

Pamela Vallejos

Pamela Dawson

Pamela Rody

Pamela Sherrill

Pamela Spivey

Pamela Criswell

Pamela Whatley

Pat Ivey

Pat Johnson

Pat Schmacht

Pati Starr

Patrice Sterling

Patricia Neely

Patricia Scotty

Patricia Hobbs

Patricia Boyd

Patricia Markham

Patsy Salb

Patsy Babcock

Patty Roberts

Patty Spisak

Patty Moore

Paul Tranchell


Paul Turner

Paul Deaton

Paula Hairston

Pauline Lacy

Payton McCarty

Pedro Pais

Peggy Thibodeaux

Peggy Sara Byrd

Pete Torres

Peter Dawkins

Peter Mcfarlane

Peter Sorg

Peter Chatel

Petra Boyd

Philip Staten

Phill Parris

phillip jackson

PJ Leather

Player Pate

Polly Pate

Precious Reed

Pricilla Miller

Querida Brisbane

Rac Rosenkampff

Rachael Minter

Racheal Sharp

Rachel Miller

Rachel Metellus

Rachel Cook

Raegan Carlson

Rahmel Jones

Randy Richardson

Randy Ross

Randy Brown

Rasheeda Zamudio

Raven Love Thompson

Ray Smith

Ray Greene

Raymond L Abraham Jr

Raymonde Neely

Rebeca Santos

Rebecca Trotman

Rebecca Alban

Rebecca Hines

Rebecca Gruis

Rebecca Gonzalez

Rebekah Siwy

Rebekah Peterson

Reggie Buckley

Regin Madison

ReGina Tollett

Regine Moten

Rein Jones

Remo Guarnieri

Renada Chase

Renata Goldsmith

Renee Sealey


Rex Kling

Rhona Duplooy

Rhonda Allen

Rhonda Nuss

Rhonda Carter

Rhonda Aydlett

Rica Wiersema

Rich Brown


Rita Dudley

Rob Swartwood

Robbie Jones

Robbin-kathleen Krakauer

Robert Maynard

Robert Scott, Jr.

Robert Scott

Robert Beard

Robert Simmons

Roberto Garcia

Robin Monroe

Robin Auerbach

Robin Wilsey

Robin Vila

Robin Harvey

Robinson Ramirez

Robyn Smith

Roderick Hunter

Roelvis Garcia

Roma Anderson

Ronald Massy

Ronda Bauknight

Rose Jenkins

Rose House

Rose Thomas

Rosemarie Eldridge

Rosie Teague

Roslyn Ellis

Roxanne Lewis

Rudolph Yontz

Rugayya Romain

Ruth Larison

Ruth Martin

Ruth Holleman

Ruth Kennedy

Ryan Johnson

Sabrina Orr

Sadie Glasgow

Sally Park

Sally Bell

Sally Hill

Samanda Drewry

Samantha Fernandes

Samantha Hammett

Samuel Bullard

Samuel Ademu-John

Sandee Clark

Sandi Brown

Sandi Adams

Sandra Newsome

Sandra Jackson

Sandra Harris


Sandra Bruce

Sandra Whittle

Sandra Ortiz

Sandy Hathaway

Sandy Lockwood

Sandy Robbins

Sara Ybarra

Sara Holtsinger

Sarah Kandefer

Sarah Cooper

Sarah Martin

Sarah Barnes

Sarah Lowe

Sarah O’Gorman

Sarah Lee

Sarah Neely

Sarah Hill

Sarah Geis

Sarah Ensslen

Sarah Grauso

Scarlet Taveras

Schjuan Clark

Scot Chalmers

Scott Van Horn

Scott Wilson

Scott Van Horn

Scott Smith

Scott Radcliffe


Scott Schwab

Sean Hill

Seara Smith

Selina Penno

Sengretta Shephard

Shahoni Chatman

Shajan Clay

Shalonda Sain

Shanderica Carr

Shanese Tisdale

Shanna Bressette

Shannon Bennett

Shantil Ransby

Sharnelius Colbert


Sharon Dyke

Sharon Graney

Sharon Warren

Sharon Britt

Sharon Chung

Sharon Grant

Sharon Fox

Sharyn Porter

Shauna Vanriel

Shaunte Prevot

shawn kisnad

Shawn McHargue

Shawn Sturdivant

Shawn Akers

Shawn McCloud

Shawn Wright

Shea Harrelson

Sheila Montgomery

Sheila Alexander

Sheila Jenkins

Sheila Baldwin


Sheilah Mulliner

Shelby Vandegriff

Shelley Sisson

Shelly Mcwilliams

Sherfon Cunningham

Sherieena Abraham

Sherlynn Davis

Sherri Burton

Sherry Rafferty

Sherry D Ohrt

Shirley Schmidt

Shirley Schwarze

Shirley Baylis

shirley wilkins

Shirley McFail

Shirley Connor Connor

Siah Humphrey

Sibyl Patterson

Siena Watchulonis

Sierra Adrien

simone reaves

Sonia Sillah

Sophie Bunce

Sophie Vincent

Stacey Stallings

Stacey Julien

stacey davis

Stacy Avery

Stacy Knight

Stacy Esterman

Stat Kromer

Steadman Robinson

Stefanie Hernandez

Stephanie Bowden

Stephanie Sheets

Stephanie Loomis

Stephanie Sammet

Stephanie Johnson

Stephanie Day

Stephen Tynes

Sterling Porter

Steve Pennington

Steve Brown

Steve Walsman

Steve Cummings

Steve Nordmark

Steven Shea

Stormy August

Stuart Coe

Sue Thompson

Sue Woofter

Susan Sims

Susan Gordon

Susan Ricker

Susan Bobinger

Susan Kelberlau

Susan Thompson

Susan Souther

Susan Moody

Susan Acklie

Susan Cunard

Susan Bentsen

susan Lagasse

Susan Oltman

Susan Diner

Susan Stefanini

Susan Oltman

Susan R Brown

Susanna Pruett

Susanna Boyd

Susie Barrett

Suzanne Daniels

Suzanne Benner Glenn

Suzanne Baldini

Suzie Winship

Sybil Lee

Sydney Price

Synessa Debro

Tabetha Joseph

Taisha Edge

Takeyia Harris

Takima Howze

Tamara Palmer

Tamara Smith

Tameika Meadows

Tammy Eskew

Tar Kearney

Tara Leggett

Taryn Tragesser

Tay Maneice

Tay Galmarini

Taylor Harris

Taylor Torok

tee garlington

Tera Melber

Terance Mathis

Terance Booker

Teresa Baggin

Teresa Taylor

Teresa Richards

Teresa Cantrell

Teresa Watson

Teresa Hope

Teri McEachern

Terna Ityokumbul

Terri Kring

Terri Pretiger

Terri Chesser

Terrie H Mcnair Mcnair

Thamani Mugacha

Thaotrinh Bacon

Theresa Harris

Tia Saint Laurent

TiAnn Walker

Tiffani Timmons

Tiffany Nevil

Tiffany Nelson

Tiffany Morris

Tigist Demisse

Tigist Demisse

Tim Johnson

Timothy Adams

Timothy Moraru

Todd Miechiels

Todd Townsend

Tom Sult

Tom Boler

Toni Kelly

Tonie Wellington

Tonnet Slan

Tony Gonzalez

Tony Sharp

Tonya Lockhart

Tonya Fulgham Renard

Tonya Hearst

Tonya Haswell

Tracy Hedrick

Tracy Mauro

Tracy Arntzen

Tracy Busse


Travis Martin

Travis Hatchett

Treka Brewer

Tricia McCarney

Trish Krentel

Tuala Williams-Shields


Tyler Mays

Tyrisha Kimble

Val Johnson

Valarie Schofield


Vanessa Hull

Vanna Almond

Venetia Poole

Venita Mitchell

Venus Johnson

Vernessa Harrell


Veronica Aron

Veronica Moore

Vicki Romans

Vicki Keffler

Vicki Pannell

Victoria Coutts

Victoria Partlow

Victoria Rione

Victoria Harp

Victoria Eades

Viola Bryant

Virginia Wood

Vivian Rodriguez

Vonda Davenport

Wadella Chase Thomas

Walt Anderson

Wamesa Beckman

Wanda Shields

Wanda Stone

Wayne Paul

Wayne Antwine

Wayne Smith

Wayne Wasmus

Wende Kinkella

Wendy Senior

Wendy Roberts

Wilhelmina Keppel

Wilhemina Arrington

William Gary IV

William VanBuskirk

William Boyer

Williemae Hutchins

Winnie King

Wongelawit Worabo

yangsook ku

Yanique Stewart

Yolanda Carrera

Yoo Sub Shin

Yvette Broughton

Yvonne Robinson Viaer

yvonne genest

Zachary Consalvo

Zachary Heald

Zakiya Mims

Zebulun Johnson

Zo Licea