Together, we can change the story.

According to Barna’s Beyond Diversity study, "From 2019 to 2020, after the racial reckoning that occurred in the summer of 2020, the proportion of practicing Christians who are unmotivated to address racial injustice increased by 13 percentage points". They concluded that many Christians are not moving toward progress on racial justice.

There is disunity and division in the body of Christ.

Barna goes on to report that, “3 in 5, white practicing Christians say personal prejudice is a bigger problem than discrimination built into institutions; two-thirds of Black practicing Christians say institutional discrimination is a bigger problem than personal prejudice.” The data also stated that “no progress has been made in reducing income and wealth inequalities between black and white households over the past 70 years.”[1] 

This demonstrates a huge disconnect between white believers and believers of color. This is where we need to heal. We need to understand our history, in order to change it.

We believe that through: (1) equipping, (2) building relationships, and (3) mobilizing believers to compassionate action, we can change the story of race in America. But this is something we can only do together.

Help us raise funds to do just that. Join us in our #30Kin30Day campaign to continue our mission to teach cities to love across color, class, and culture.

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