7 Days of Encouragement

Please note that the following videos were provided via Victory World Church and although some content is specific to Victory it can be applied in general to any church. Get connected to a church.

Day 1 – Connecting to Jesus

We are beginning a journey of connecting with Jesus that will eventually make us whole and healed! Don’t you want to be whole and healed both emotionally and physically? I’m sure your answer is, “Absolutely, yes! I want everything God has for me!” Good news for every single one of us today is found in 2 Corinthians 5:17-18 NLT: This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun! And all of this is a gift from God, who brought us back to himself through Christ. You have stepped into a brand new life in Jesus! How amazing is that? Jesus Himself tells us how to begin living this life of health, healing, wholeness and fulfillment in John 15:4-8 NIV.

Day 2 – Talking to God

In any great relationship, there is great conversation! It should not surprise you that your relationship with God is no different. God is your Heavenly Father who loves you and wants to talk to you and for you to talk to Him. You may be asking yourself, “What do I say to GOD?” It probably sounds a bit intimidating to talk to this big God you cannot see. However, don’t let it intimidate you and don’t overcomplicate it. All you need to do is talk to God in your own words in the sincerest way possible. Talking to God is simply known as prayer, and prayer is absolutely vital to stay connected to Jesus!

Day 3 – Listening to God

Imagine not hearing from someone you love for a long time, and then one day you receive a letter in the mail from them. Think about the excitement of opening the letter in order to read what they have said! The Bible is a compilation of God’s letters to us, and it is the primary way in which He speaks to us. When we read the Bible, we are reading God’s words and God’s Truth. We can learn to hear God by reading the Bible.

Day 4 – Gathering Big

When you decided to follow Jesus, you became a part of God’s great, big family. The local church is the gathering of God’s family and has been called the hope of the world! The church is not man’s idea, but God’s idea. As God’s family, we are supposed to gather together on a consistent basis. We do this to encourage, grow and motivate each other to love God and love others for Jesus. Gathering with other believers in a church setting is one of the best ways to stay connected to Jesus.

Day 5 – Gathering Small

One of the greatest things we can learn about from the life of Jesus is the power of spending life with a small group of people. Jesus spent time with the masses, but He had 12 disciples that He poured His life into. At the beginning of our journeys, we have many questions that require answers. Gathering with a small group of other believers who can answer your questions, speak into your life, help with direction and wisdom, and pray with you and for you is vital. This will help you stay connected to Jesus and grow as a disciple. Being a part of a small group can bring much fulfillment and purpose to our lives. Along with connecting to Jesus, there are other benefits to gathering with a small group of believers.

Day 6 – Sharing Jesus

Now that you have experienced the love of Jesus, don’t keep it to yourself. Share it! Share this great love with others who need to experience His love. Sharing God with others really is simple. Just tell your story of how you came to receive Him into your life. There is nothing more convincing than sharing your personal encounter with Jesus Christ. The keyword there is “witnesses.” What is a witness? A witness is someone who tells of what they’ve seen and heard. A witness doesn’t make things up. Witnesses give their own personal experience. Tell people what Jesus has done in your life. People can try to argue with scriptures, but they can’t argue with your experience.

Day 7 – Connecting to the Church

Please note: while this video specifically applies to Victory World Church we believe the general encouragement here applies to the any church in general. Wow, here we are on day seven! Over the last six days you have read about the basic tools that will help you keep momentum in staying connected to Jesus. So, don’t stop doing the essential things that you have learned so far. Welcome to your new life as a believer in Jesus! Come alongside us on this discipleship path to guide you toward God’s plan for your life as you become His committed disciple.

Next Steps

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