In 2019, God is calling the church in our city to go on a journey into His heart and together into oneness. Come with us as we prepare through prayer gatherings and equipping events leading up to August 2019!


At OneRace Stone Mountain pastors signed the Atlanta Covenant. They covenanted to stand against racism in every form, never again allowing it to gain a foothold within our spheres of influence. Now it’s your turn to stand!

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OneRace features many different types of events. From prayer gatherings, to vision meetings, to regional services, all culminating with our OneRace Stone Mountain event.


Racial unity has a vertical answer, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which compels us to a horizontal action, ultimately bringing healing and justice.

We believe a massive corporate gathering of fasting and prayer will shift the spiritual climate over the city of Atlanta releasing a movement of unity culminating in a historic revival.

Racial justice is not merely a social issue, it’s a spiritual issue. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the only answer that is potent enough to address the spiritual and social complexities of racial injustice.

God is releasing a movement of racial unity that is going to see the spiritual and social climate shift over Atlanta, the southeast, and the nation.

Day of Remembrance

On August 25, 2019 we’ll gather churches of all races, denominations, and ethnicity from across the region, for a multi site even called Day of Remembrance. August 2019 marks the 400th anniversary since the first slave ship docked in Jamestown. We believe this season of remembrance can act as a healing balm to the racial wound of our nation, furthering spirtual renewal.


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